Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

I'm a Danish born singer and songwriter. My music is related to the likes of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and The bad seeds and Tom Waits to name few. It is dark melodic soulful rock'n'roll. Most of the new material has a cruising feel to it. It is sad tales of lost love and murder ballads.


Kira was born in Copenhagen, but left Denmark at the age of 17, to join her first rockband. "I have always felt like a stranger in almost every society, a true misfit", Kira once stated in an interview with one of Denmarks leading news-papers, Politiken. Its that peculiar part in searching for something. You can get mixed up in all kinds of trouble, in strange countries far away, returning, tired and weak only to discover that what you went out looking for was right where you started. This was what happened to Kira Skov. She was just 17, when she left the seemingly safe suburbia of her childhood to travel to London and Los Angeles. She spend the following 8 years of her life traveling like a modern day gypsy, with her former Rock'n'roll band Butterfly Species, before returning home. Kira dived into the therapeutic benefits of song-writing, drawing from her personal experiences of relationships and her life on the road, she created a musical world of her own, with a rough edge and moody tales, in a style which she her self labelled “soul punk”, since none of the obvious categories fit. Shortly after, the band Kira and the Kindred Spirits was formed. In the summer of 2002, they release their debut album: "Happiness saves lives". An album consisting of deeply personal songs, recorded in a low-fi, unpretentious form with an unmasked intensity revealing the sad tales of Kira’s wild adventures. .

They immediately caught people’s attention and reaped great reviews that only got better as the band started touring the country.. Five years on, the band split in 2007, after releasing 3 albums in Denmark. In this period, Kira also found time for a side-project, called The Gospel, co-written and produced by Tore Johansson (Franz Ferdinand, Cardigans est.). He also produced “This is not an exit” and “Kira and the Kindred Spirits”. Throughout this period, she played more than 300 concerts, to great critical acclaim. In 2007 she received a Grammy for “Best female Vocalist”, as well as receiving an award from Denmark’s largest music-magazine Gaffa, voted by their readers. She also appears in Trickys directorial debut, a mocumentary of the making of his new label BrownPunk. During the winter of 2007/08 Kira returns to the studio and records her most recent album, “The Rail Train, The Meadow, The Freeway and The Shadows”, this being her fifth studio album in 6 years! Her new band, The Ghost Riders (Ned Ferm, Nicolai Munch Hansen, Silas Tinglef, Oliver Hoiness) are formed during this period and they all produce the album together. During the Spring of 2008 Kira travels to L.A to mix the album with Mark Howard. (Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Lucinda Williams etc.). She then returns to Europe and joins Tricky as guest vocalist on his world tour, playing shows in both Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia and most of Europe, before returning back to Copenhagen. In mid October, Kira releases her latest album "The rail train, the meadow, the freeway and the shadows" in Denmark and reaps great reviews, before going back on the road for a small tour of Denmark.

To be continued…



Written By: Kira Skov


Copenhagen lit up like a flame
My city of longing have come to an end
Copenhagen lit up by your name
my silhouette stained but my voice still remains

Your the sea of memories in me
When days are forgetful and I get regretful
Your my taste of joy and misery
And I cant forget you neither will I let you,
forget about me

Copenhagen lit up like a flame
Blew smoke in my heart and poured glass in my eyes
Copenhagen broke us just the same
I drank from your pipes, have your blood in my vain

Your the sea of memories in me
When days are forgetful and I get regretful
Your my taste of joy and misery
And I cant forget you neither will I let you,
forget about me

We've been on our own
wasting away alone
sitting in our homes, with hungry hearts and skinny bones
in my unhappy town
I put my lover down
buried in the ground
along with answers never found

Your the sea of memories in me
When days are forgetful and I get regretful
Your my taste of joy and misery
And I cant forget you neither will I let you,
forget about me


"Happiness saves lives" 11 song CD/LP release 2002
"This is not an exit", 12 song CD/LP release 2005
"Kira and the kindred Spirits", 12 song CD/LP release 2006.
"Faith" , The Gospel, 10 song CD/LP release 2006
"The rail tran, the meadow the freeway and the shadows" , 11 song CD/LP release 2008

Songs that received massive radio airplay counts:

Turn me on and Losing you of "This is not and exit".
Seldom lost, Something to do and Strangest thing I ever saw of "Kira and the Kindred Spirits.

Riders of the freeway ( won a Danish academy award for Best song of the year in the film frygtelig lykkelig 2009) and consider this of "The rail train the meadow the freeway and the shadow"

Set List

My set length varies from half an hour to two hours depending on the gig.
I seldom play covers.

My latest shows list the following songs"

Losing you
Consider this
Riders of the freeway
Save me
Kings Kitchen
Hard Rain
The Meadow
Skating your pool
Seldom lost
You didn't call
Met my lover
Walk the mile