Kira And The Kindred Spirits

Kira And The Kindred Spirits


If Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger had a baby girl and raised her on a steady diet of Rock'N'Roll. Then let her play with the Zeppelin-boys. Intense, powerful, and aweinspiring.


Kira and the Kindred Spirits

A True Misfit.

After a long, difficult and sometimes even dangerous, educating journey in music and human stubbornness, Kira Skov found what she had been looking for in the band, The Kindred Spirits.

"I have always felt like a stranger in almost every society, a true misfit", Kira Skov in Politiken, 2002.
That is the peculiar part of searching for something. You can get mixed up in all kinds of trouble, in strange countries far away, only to return, tired and weak. Then discovering that what you went out looking for was right where you started.
This was what happened to Kira Skov. She was just 17, when she left the safe Copenhagen suburbia of her childhood and travelled to London and Los Angeles. She spend the following 8 years of her life travelling like a modern day gypsy, with her former Rock'n'roll band Butterfly Species, before returning home.
Kira dived into the therapeutic benefits of songwriting. With Rune Kjeldsen on guitar, Orson Wajih, Kiras former bandmate and travelling partner on bass and Jesper Lind on drums, The Kindred Spirits became a reality.
In the summer of 2002, they released their debut album, "Happiness saves lives". Produced by Johan Lei Gellett, the band's former drummer. An album consisting of deeply personal songs, recorded in a low-fi, unpretentious form with an unmasked intensity revealing the sad tales of Kira's wild adventures. Musically, the style is to be compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Janis Joplin, Nick Cave and some old Rolling Stones. "People with a little melancholy, lots of soul and honesty, that leave the listener with the experience that the artist really has lived the life they are singing about", as Kira Skov expressed it in an interview.
They immediately caught people's attention and reaped great reviews that only got better as the band started touring the country. It became well known that they held a promise and possessed the potential of something that had not been seen in years. Word travelled back to the States and after lighting up a storm, performing at the international music-convention MIDEM in Cannes 04, the band has been stirring up great interest everywhere. There is no doubt in anybody's mind that experiences the band live, that this is unstoppable.
The band is currently in the studio recording their second album. It is being produced by Tore Johanson (Franz Ferdinand, The Cardigans, Bosshog, etc...) The album is expected to be released in Denmark in the beginning of October 04. This will be followed up with touring dates in NYC, L.A and London in September, where the band will show-case their new material. All of this is being documented by DR, Danish national TV. The film will be released on Danish television later in the year.


Album 2002 - "Happiness Saves Lives"