Kira Martini & Co.

Kira Martini & Co.

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

Songwriting meets jazz/world/blues in an acoustic universe with an open and beating heart for improvisation and surprises. The songs are written on Kira's travels in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, etc. The upcoming debut "More Things Unite Us Than Divide Us" is due in spring 2012


Kira Martini is an autodidact singer from the CPH jazz-scene. She started jumping the jam stages around the city some years back, and on these she gained quite some experience.

"That was my school, getting up there, letting go, doing good, making mistakes, and daring to get up there again. I've learned so much, and am still learning, from the musicians i play with. But most of all from the music in itself. The best education you can ever get is: listen to the music.."

"Writing has always been a necessity. It's just a way of letting go, to empty your head on a piece of paper, and then let it flow out in form of a melody. I'm been doing it since i was a child"

"Some years back i began to play guitar. To be able to play my songs myself. I went to Brazil with an old rock'n'roller, or maybe better to call him a troubadour, that i met in a bar, that heard me sing and invited me with him on a gig there. I ended up staying, loved the culture, the many smiles, the rhythms, and the open-mindedness around music. My credit card got closed, so i started playing gigs on my own to make a living. And it worked. And they enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it. So in this way, i got a whole lot of practice and i got to live underneath the sun, just by doing the thing i love".

"I found traveling added spice and insight. The perspective i gain from meeting different people, and landscapes, is highly cherished. All those wonderful faces out there, all that incredible music. I've seen and felt good and bad sides to both home and away. And in my songs you'll find what stirs me. I write about the man i met, that made the drums go mad inside me; the family i saw get kicked out of a bus between Germany & Denmark because they don't fit in in our society; the memories from a past love and how to keep them clean; the agony of love when it gets to complicated; the words i believe someone needs to hear sometimes, and i need to speak; the Brasilian tide, and days where it all comes down to catching waves".

"CO. is short for company, and i am very lucky to be in the fine company of some dear friends and amazing musicians. I love them for their diving into this , and letting what occurs occur. They are all musicians from the Copenhagen jazz-scene and therefore use to improvising. My songs don't have genres, cause a song without a genre, can go anywhere. And i like this. So the songs are shaped by those who play. If i play them alone, they are different than when i play them with the band, cause each musician brings something."

First album from Kira & Co. is up in spring 2012, "More Things Unite Us, Than Divide Us", a grand life-philosophy of Kira's.


A Man I've Met

Written By: Kira Martini

Spinning round in my head is the voice and the face of a man i've met,
the hands, and the sounds, and the heart that i've found in a man i've met,
the smell of his hair and his touch on my skin,
will make me surrender and I'll let him in, the man I've met.

I don't need no ties, just a glimpse of his eyes, the man i've met,
when he plays his guitar for me under the stars i completely forget,
how different we are, and i really don't care,
i'm right here now, and he's right there, the man i've met.

Spinning round in my heart is the flash of a start of something new,
and i don't need to know, just how this will go,
or where this will lead me to....

I just wanna feel like i do when he's near, the man i've met,
when we kiss in the rain and i'm sharing a beer, with the man i've met,
i can honestly say that i have no clue, just what this is but it's dragging me to, the man i've met, the man i've met, the man i've met...

More Things Unite Us, Than Divide Us

Written By: Kira Martini

Come make this moment last, come take away the past,
I'm falling, falling fast,
come make the worries stop, come take my love i've got a lot,
to share, here in my heart.

You go through life believing you're on your own but no,
don't you know, don't you know...

That more things unite us, than divide us in this world,
That our variety is our strength,
that no one in this world, is suppose to feel alone
that we got more in common than we think.

Come closer, understand, it's okay, take my hand,
and stay, stay as long as you can.
come hold my eyes in yours, come sit with me on this floor,
and dream, let's dream some more....

don't go through life believing you're on your own, cause no,
don't you know, don't you know...

More things unite us than divide us in this world,
that our variety is our strength,
that no one in this world is suppose to feel alone
that we got more in common than we think

cause more things unite us in this world,
so don't let our fear divide us,
just lift your sights to see
that variety is beauty, and more things unite us in this world!!


First album "More Things Unite Us, Than Divide Us" is due in 2012 when the trees starts to bloom