Kiran Notez

Kiran Notez

BandEDMHip Hop

Bassy Glitch experience that flows really well together. High energy with a very unique sound which blends reggae, hip-hop,and new age Dubstep....Not as ugly of a sound as traditional Dubstep. Kiran makes his music beautiful somehow while giving us the bass feeling we are looking for.


East coast born producer Kiran has spent time in Seattle, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles, all while following his passion for sound design and expression through electronic music. His array of sounds range from Dubby Reggae/Dubstep to GlitchHop, Breaks and Bass House, as well as amazing downtempo which is used in film and to relax and connect. His influences include classical music, hip-hop, blues, and jazz. Kiran's performances, no matter what genre he plays, are always filled with high energy and tremendous passion. His sound is very universal and he has the ability to please all over the world.


Back 2 my Rootz- EP 2011 release

Sunburst-Single (Kiran Notez remix) 2012 release

New Album coming out in August....