Kira's Rage

Kira's Rage


Don't let the name fool you!! We are a power-pop/rock band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona produced by the great Bob Hoag. (The Format, Limbeck) Our radio-friendly songs have hooks and melodies that will be stuck in your head long after your first listen!


Kiras Rage is a melodic pop band from Ahwatukee that began as low-key acoustic collaboration between, singer-songwriter Sam Guioco and guitarist Brian Waz Wasilefsky. The two long time friends and aspiring musicians were tired of working independently on projects that never quite got off the ground, and so they began to jam together in a spare room at Wazs parents house. Sam and Wazs shared passion for music and melody fashioned an undeniable creative chemistry that would lay the motivating foundation for Kiras Rage. Before long, Sam and Waz recruited drummer Lynn Monaghan (Wazs sister) and bassist Nick Gasser to fill out the rhythm section. After continued practice and writing over the course of several weeks, the foursome decided it was time to share their new material with a live audience.

Eager to receive feedback on their promising collaboration, the early version of Kiras Rage played a short acoustic set in a local music showcase, hosted by singer-songwriter Nick Shelby Granum. Granum (who had jammed with Waz and Lynn in the past), was so excited by the potential he saw in the performance that he immediately put his solo project on hold to begin jamming with the foursome. Granum brought with him to the sessions a complimentary guitar style with a touch of southern influence that would give Kira's Rage a unique and inclusive sound. As the rehearsals became more focused, and the songs more complete, the group decided it was time to put what they had written to tape.

In October of 2005 Kiras Rage headed to Flying Blanket Studios to record work with vastly talented producer and engineer, Bob Hoag. In addition to producing records for nationally-known acts such as The Format and Limbeck, Hoag has produced and engineered countless pop and punk records for many of the best bands in the Phoenix-area. Through working with Hoag and integrating his perspective on the sound of their songs, Kiras Rage became increasingly refined. As production on the EP wrapped in winter of 2005, Nick Gasser and Kiras Rage parted ways and singer-songwriter P.J. Magdziarz naturally transitioned into the role of bass player.

Kiras Rage debut self titled EP will be available on June 27th!

Contact Info:
Kira's Rage
P.O. Box 1344
Maricopa, AZ 85239
Booking: (602) 206-3855



Written By: Kira's Rage

And so I took that leap of faith so many years ago. I headed north to find your city in the snow and when I finally found you I was frozen through and through. Till you warmed up to me, you know how blue I used to be

So as these moments pass,
I'll hold onto it tight and never let it fade. Cause' now I stand in this moment made of glass, but we can make it last if you can break away from the past.

So tell me when you look at me. So tell me what is it you see. It's just a fool who loves you, can't seem to rise above you. I'm running round in circles, you just get further away. I never wanted any more than just to make you stay.

Promise me you'll be the last one to ever promise me. All those faces that you cast on, just cast them all free. Then we'll find out what's underneath. Just promise me, you'll be the last one to promise me.


Written By: Kira's Rage

Way up high in outer space with telescopic eyes
I see a million people as they pass each other by.
But floating out here on this rock they don't realize I'm alive, as they see me in their skyline.

And I speed toward the earth below.
But I'd turn into a giant ball of fire
so I know that I can never come back home
but I just won't die out here

Floating off in outer space, I have to wonder why.
You couldn't hear me call to you as we passed each other by
but standing right in front of you, you don't realize I'm alive
as you see me in your skyline

Of Hearts & Plastic

Written By: Kira's Rage

Biding my time
Waiting to hear what you've got on your mind
If ever again we could mend
never again could we after tonight
Cause every day
There's a path that is chosen and there's a million that die
Every day
a little bit more of forever passes by

And before my eyes, you wander away from me
Til' we're miles apart
from where we're supposed to be
Should I just stand still, for all of eternity
Just so you could find your way back to me

Failing to see
anything else that is left here for me
If ever again we could mend, never again could we ever agree
And every day
there's a path that is chosen and who's to say if its right
But every day
A little bit more of forever becomes my life


Kira's Rage Self Titled E.P. Released June 27th, 2006

Set List

More Than You Known
Of Hearts & Plastic
Fires Left Lost
City Ablaze
"New One" (Yet Untitled)
Last Drag
Better Off
"New Two" (Yet Untitled)
"New Three" (Yet Untitled)
Say Goodbye