Kireina combines the sensuous spirit of Madrid with the famed Home of Rock n Roll. Creating a successful blend of powerful, dynamic rock/pop tracks that are contemporary but rooted with a certain classic Detroit soul. Kireina has the ability to embrace a mixture of styles, while producing vocals.


Kireina was born in Madrid, Spain, 28 years ago in a family of scientists and musicians. Since she was a small girl she was educated in music, science and the arts. She always wanted to become a singer. She started singing when she started talking. She studied music languaje, piano, guitar and took singing lessons when she was 14. She has taken vocal lessons from famous singers like Esperanza Abad in Madrid or Kate Hart in Detroit.
She formed her first music band at school, where she went out singing on a stage for the first time. Kireina went to college and started to study Architecture, but after 3 years she decided to spend all her time in her 2 passions: singing and graphic designing. Kireina was part of some very important music bands in Madrid and she has performed in many cafes and concerts as a solo artist and with group becoming ever more popular. After getting in touch with Livewire Music and Mark Nilan she spent some months in Detroit recording her first album.
And now it starts!
DARE TO BE is Kireina's first album. She has colaborated with musicians and artists like Matt Bissonette, Mark Nilan, Gregg Bissonette, Nadir, Mark Nilan Jr., Rem Lambert and she has also made a special cover for Chick Corea. A mix of sounds, textures and cultures that fills the world of music right with what it needs.



01. Energy
(Kireina & Alvaro Azcarate)
02. Moonlight In My Heart
(Kireina & Luis Junior)
03. Can't Walk Over Me
(Matt Bissonette)
04. He Comes To Me
(Rem Lambert)
05. Oceans Away
(Kireina & Nadir)
06. Air I Breathe
(Matt Bissonette)
07. All I Want Is You
(Kireina & Nadir)
08. Eterna Juventud
'Eternal Child' (Chick Corea. Lyrics by Kireina)
09. As The Big World Turns
(Matt Bissonette)
10. A Better Road
(Kireina & Mark Nilan)
11. Joy And Happiness
(Mark Nilan Jr.)
12. Far Away
(Mark Nilan Jr.)
13. The Only One
(Rem Lambert)