I am a quirky English singer songwriter and guitarist and I consider my music to be original, feisty, cheeky punk pop! My live band are dynamic and put on a great punky show.


A young, London born fiesty chick with plenty to say, Kiria's totally unique sound was created from years in her bedroom surrounded by every music influence she could find. Original early Punk, Rock, Funk and even classical - shown in her unique string arrangements. Kiria, backed by her Bond girl-esque sexy sidekick Taylor - (bass) these girls have been likened to the female new generation Mick and Keith, backed by some original Punk heroes that pack a mean punch with their guitars - a killer act!


Jelly Baby

Written By: Kiria Ceinwen

You'll never know what goes on inside my head. You'll only say nice things about me when I'm dead.
Jelly baby you knock me off my feet, jelly baby you looked like you'd taste so sweet, jelly baby why did you have to be so sour, why did you have to take me out?
No I won't back down for you, I wont do what you ask me to, but I'll play my sound for you, I'll turn it around for you
From the minute I saw you I knew it was time I just had to explore you to have you as mine, how wrong could I be and how sick could you make me, how weak could I be to allow you to break me?
Middle 8
Verse 2
The hate that I felt for you drove me so crazy, the feelings I had are just two hard to say, it's making me sick that you knew how to play me, but hate equals love so I'll drive (or I drove as I sing) it away.
Bridge (repeat)
Chorus (repeat)
Jelly baby you're always on my mind, jelly baby the sweetest thing that ever was, jelly baby the outside is such a lie, jelly baby I know I have to say good BYE!


Written By: Kiria Ceinwen

You called me to say that you wanted to take me out tonight.
You said that you'd like to take me over and I said yeah, alright!
You picked me up at eight, half an hour late..
You left me to open the door of your Porsche and I said Wow - this is great. (!)
You ain't got the right attitude for me,
You got the face but where's your personality?
You aint got enough honey for a Queen Bee, you're not perfect, you're just alright.
You called me to say that you wanted to take me out again.
You said that you'd treat me like a star and I said "Oh, yeah? But when?"
You never come on time for me
It isn't good enough you see it won't be alright for me,
For even one night, with me!
Like when you said you'd take me over - uh - oh....
You'll never make me wait all day, NO!
Chorus again,

You're not perfect, youre just alright, just alright,
That's not enough for me!


Written By: Kiria Ceinwen

I'm going crazy. I think I'm Crazy. They're out to get me. They just won't let me be.
Chorus no vocals
Here it comes again. It tiptoes down the stairs. It's tapping at my window, you'll never know how much it scares me.
All I ever want is silence, all I ever need is space to breathe, all I ever want is silence, let me let me let me sleep....
Verse 3
The voices echo they fill me with fear,
They're coming to get me it's all I can hear,
They're talking to me I'm alone in my bed,
I just can't get them out of my head
In my head in my head it's in my head in my head....
All I ever want is silence
All I ever need is space to breathe
All I ever want is silence
Let me let me let me sleep
Oh let me sleep. I'm going crazy crazy crazy crazy going crazy,
I'm crazy!


Due to release first single "Radio" soon. Kiria's debut album "Number One" will be out next year.

Set List

My set is between six and twelve numbers long depending on size of the gig we are playing. Short, sweet and punchy always leaves the crowd begging for more!