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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best Album of the Year 2008"

Kirika - Kaba Saz the best album of the year 2008 - Bant Magazine (January 2009)

"Second Best Album of the Year 2008"

Second Best Album of the Year 2008 - Roll Music Magazine

"Masters of Kaba Saz"

Kirika is very successful with their first album "Kaba Saz". They remind, make us dance, shed hope, and provoke... Maybe it is the best album of the year in Turkey... - Bant Magazine (October 2008)

"Extasy of the Songs of Smyrna"

Kirika makes Smyrna songs and they do it with a great delight and sincerity.... - Radikal Newspaper

"Longtitude to Halikarnas Fisherman"

As if we have been waiting for this album for years and we were not aware of this waiting...appearently we need the music of Kirika... - Roll Music Magazine (August 2008)

"Squiffy Sounds"

Their first album "Kaba Saz" has "zeybek" songs settled in the heart of our lives. - Radikal Newspaper

"Smyrna Air"

Kaba Saz is the album that is good for health... buy and listen to it. - Star Newspaper


Album: Kaba Saz, 2008, Baykus Music
Compilation: Homegrown Istanbul Vol. 2



Mediterranean songs, Dionysus spirit and Aegean culture... Openness that comes along with the sea, sun and the excitement of Dionysus. Eating, drinking, singing, dancing, weddings, rituals, moss and southwester winds... Kirika is searching for the sea culture that has been lost long time ago.

Nourished by the traditional forms, Kirika preserves the original styles of Agean musics while presenting them from a new viewpoint. The main inspiration of Kirika is the music emerging at the end of 19th century in Ottoman Empire’s cosmopolite cities Istanbul, Smyrna and Thessalonica that was carried on in meyhanes / café amans, that is wine shops, until 1960s.

Folk music usually described as the music of the country but Kirika makes the folk music of the city.

Kirika also makes soundtracks/scores for films. Acclaimed Turkish movies Organized Jobs – "Organize Isler", and Iscream Ice Cream - "Dondurmam Gaymak" are among the films to which . They also continue their works on radio theatre and for TV series.