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Kiril Dzajkovski

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"A great example of genuine talent"

Djaikovski is a great example of genuine talent operating outside of the dance manistream that won't degenerate into complex noise loops. Innovative composition coupled with signature Macedonian accents warrant this piece a very high mark in my personal collection.” - COOL AND STRANGE MUSIC MAGAZINE


Sounds like a soundclash between DEAD CAN DANCE and BREAKBEAT ERA via Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin. Fantastic. - SURF 107.2 RADIO

"A unique new “world music”"

Presenting his first solo album, Djaikovski mixes drum’n’bass and break-beat schemes with exotic melodies from the Balkans and cooks this up into a groovy stew with chunks of acid jazz, funk, ambient and dub. The sound of Macedonian chants and the traditional instruments introduce a unique new “world music”. - TOKYO JOURNAL MAGAZINE

"Absolutely great"

Fantastic stereophonic production that jumps from speaker to speaker on your stereo grabs you by the collar and moves your body to the beat of the music involuntarily. Absolutely great. - ARTS WEEKLY MAGAZINE

"Exotic and brilliant"

“Exotic and brilliant, Djaikovski does things with music that just shouldn’t be possible. Djaikovski is, without any doubt, a musical genius and a true alchemist of sound. And Homebound is a masterpiece of sonic artistry and perfection. “ - ELECTROAGE


Kiril Dzajkovski has just finished his new album, which will be released in Europe fall 2012.

Previous album :
Bastion – Bastion – PGP RTB
Razorbrain – Razorbrain – EMI AUSTRALIA
Synthetic Theatre – Kiril - AG RECORDS
Recorded Supplement – Aparatchicks – AG RECORDS
Homebound – Kiril – AGR/TONE CASUALTIES
Religion & Sex – Kiril – AGR/THIRD EAR MUSIC
La Capinera – AG RECORDS



Kiril Dzajkovski is a Macedonian composer and producer, who is regarded as one of the pioneers of Balkan electronica and the most successful and respected electronic artist from the Balkan region today.

His style of mixing electronica and Macedonian and Balkan ethnic music influences had received fantastic reviews around the world. Kiril Dzajkovski’s tracks have been included on numerous compilations worldwide and remixed by people like Bushwacka, Dreadzone, Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave), Nathan Coles, Livewire and many others.

Kiril Dzajkovski performs live with his band and in the last three years performed as a headlining act at the biggest music festivals in the Balkan region ( Exit, InMusic Festival, Greenfest, Urbanfest etc), as well as Western Europe (Fusion, Fete de la Musique, Klinkers, Rudolstadt, etc).

Kiril Dzajkovski has just finished his new album, which is again an eclectic and sophisticated mix of breakbeat/dub/electro grooves with Balkan ethnic melodies and instrumentation featuring an amazing selection of international vocal talent.

Kiril Dzajkovski is also an accomplished composer of film and theatre music. He has just won the award "Music of the Year 2011" in Istanbul, Turkey for the theatre project “Dangerous Liaisons” and his film work includes music for the award winning movies: Dust, Balcancan, As If I Am Not There, as well as The Great Water, which won him the Best Soundtrack Award at the Valencia Film Festival in Spain.