Kiril Valeri

Kiril Valeri


A mixture of Pop, Soul and Jazz.


Born on 08.08.1973 - Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kiril Valeri started playing the piano when he was 5 years old.

He graduated from the 114 English Language School in Sofia, then studied jazz vocals between 1992 and 2000 at the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna with Andreas Winternitz and Ines Reiger.

Kiril Valeri has lived in Vienna since 1992 and now works as a singer, composer and song writer.

2000 - Diploma in Jazz Singing, Prayner Conservatory, Vienna.

2001 - Cast member of the musical "Mozart!", Theater an der Wien.

Live performances at the Edenbar, Andino, Roxy, Fischerbräu and Roter Engel.

Performance at the International Film Festival Viennale `01 - In the main hall of the town hall - Vienna.

Cineplexx tour through Austria. Concert at National Palace of Culture (NDK) - Sofia, Bulgaria.

Silvester Gala - Sacher Hotel - Vienna.

2002 - Performances at the State Opera Ball 2002, Kafesieder Ball in Hofburg Palace and The International Jazz Festival 2002 - Bansko - Bulgaria.

2003 - Stateopera Ball 2003, Kafesieder Ball 2003, Haus Witgenstein, Silvester Gala - Sacher Hotel - Vienna.

The cover song "Swan Lake" was chosen in 2006 by The United States AIDS Charity Organisation, together with other internationally acclaimed artists such as Moby and Heather Small, as background music for some of the sport events organised in the US by this Charity organization.

Kiril VAleri has worked with the following musicians and artists:

In Bulgaria:
Akaga, Ani Lozanova, Teddy Katzarova, Jenny, Angel Zaberski Jr., Rumen Bojadjiev, Magga, Chocho Vladovski.

In Austria:
Alexander Wladigeroff, Konstantin Wladigeroff, Aminata, Endre Hofmann, Peter Gabis, Kamen Gospodinov, Bojidar Sotirov - ORF, Markus Eckl, Emmad Sayah - Do Re Mi Records, Oliver Kerschner, C - Bra, Kristian Ignatov - IGI Records, Horst Dieter, Fulvio Bertosso, Uljana Levit, Ksenia Ivankovic, Marnix Veenenbos, Robert Woisetschläger, Christian Leitgeb, Ines Reiger,
Peter Strutzenberger.

Kiril Valeri is currently working with a new producer - Rumen Dimitrov - on a Jazz remix project.

Cover songs, including "Feeling good", "Wave", "Angel Eyes" have been produced by R. Dimitrov in an electronic nu-jazz style. The projected release date for this production is the end of 2007.

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Behind The Blue

Written By: Kiril Valeri


Every time that I`m feeling down
and I sit alone in the dark blue room,
every time that I`m feeling drowned
in the darkness of the moon,
every time that I`m deserted,
feeling small and full of doubts,
there`s a place where I can run to,
over there - behind the blue...
People passing by my window -
different faces and no names,
in the silence of the blue room
chasing memories again...
Quiet place where I can turn to,
where I`m beautiful and sane,
there`s a place where I can run to,

There is a hidden place behind the blue,
somewhere we can all belong one day for sure
and what I´m saying now in this song
is that we never ever have to be afraid at all -
of dreaming...
There is a hidden space behind the blue for me and you
that all of us just know...

You can tell me that I`m a dreamer
lost in a funny blue romance,
you can try to laugh at me and
you can even try to tell me
I`ve no chance.
I don´t need no clever minds that
do not know how to fly,
I don´t need no good advisers -
they do not feel what`s behind
that sacred quiet place of mine...
It´s so bright with happy laughter,
it`s so sad with honest tears
and it´s something I´ve been looking after.
It´s a place that I can call "Home",
keeping me alive in all those years,
no fears that light disappears,
one is safe behind the blue...

Fat green bogies (don`t like)

Written By: Kiril Valeri

FAT GREEN BOGIES (don`t like...)

When I saw you that day walking down the street
I said to my self: "My God,what a damn good-looking Queen!"
But then you stopped and opened your mouth to speak to me,
I guess you never care for more than your looks,
so move on, please! I`ve got an arrogance allergy.

Welcome to the Groovy-silly Chicks` Club...

Why do you think that half of the world lays at your feet?
Why do you think that everybody`s acting at your command?
Come on, just wake up from the stupid pinkish dream you`re in,
perfect body, pretty face, but superficial mind was never good enough
for me...

Don`t like your fat green bogies,
I don´t even think I like anyting `bout you.
Please, get away with those bogies!!
Don´t wanna spend a minute on a silly snob like you.

Welcome to the Groovy-silly Chicks` Club...

Living is believing (big fish remix)

Written By: Kiril Valeri


Big "fish" eating the small "fish",
while the small "fish" are running from "big" fish,
that is your life... just goes,
round and round it goes...

Whenever you feel down...
Anytime I feel so alone...
Don`t believe...

Living is believing,
living is breathing for you,
living is forgiving,
living is bleeding for you...


Different Points of View - 1996, Riva Sound, BG
Dance it 12 - Ka Music, BG, 1998
New Life - Ka Music/EMI 1999
Sunday Chillout - Ton4records/IGI Records, 2004,Austria/Germany
Behind The Blue - KVZ Music/ Itunes/Rebeat Music/UBO INternational, 2007, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria/ digitally Worldwide

Set List

LIVE REPERTOIR: Jazz Standards, Pop - Soul-Jazz Repertoir ( George Michael, TLC, Michael Buble, Alicia Keys, Seal, Sting), New Songs from the latest CD Release "Behind the Blue".