Kirk Goldlight

Kirk Goldlight


Songwriter Kirk Goldlight (Pop/Chanson) is a charismatic and outstanding live performer. Everyone can recognize himself in several of his songs through which the artist gets all the attention of the public. Kirk Goldlights gentle and humoristic stage communication makes it an unforgettable concert.


Kirk Goldligth: vocals, piano, guitar

Kirk Goldlight is a charismatic and experienced live performer. As a songwriter he writes very good compositions with lyrics in which people can recognize themselves. He had several music projects in the past (see below) and in April 2008 he met de producer from Q88 Productions. Since then they are working together on a new album on the new artist name of Kirk Goldligth.

Kirk is born in the southwest of Germany in 1966 and grew up in a musical family (father played accordion and was a singer; mother was singing in a choir). On his 5th birthday he started to sing in a children choir for which he often sang the solo voice. Kirks sister taught him some chords on the guitar. He also started to play piano. Kirk developed his piano and guitar playing on himself with the support of his sister and parents. His love for the Beatles is unshakable.

When he was 17 years he started to play as a keyboarder and guitarist in the band "Lady" which became later "Tron". Tron produced 2 records and 3 CD`s with Kirk (at that time his artist name was Hike).

Kirk formed the band Paranoja with his sister. In the southwest of Germany they played their mainstream Rock in the 80ts and 90ts and were very successful. Paranoja was well known for very good live acts. They were invited to many festivals and produced 1 CD. Kirk wrote a lot of the songs, his sister, which is now a professional singer, was the lead singer of the band.

Later on, Kirk formed his band "Catch 22", a powerful trio, playing songs, written and sung by Kirk. They made one CD together. Catch 22 was also well known as a good live act and played a lot of concerts in the south of Germany.

Kirk decided to join the "Guitar Craft Seminars", given by the famous Robert Fripp, where he learned a lot of harmony-rules and playing styles. He then formed the guitar quartet "The Drastic Fiddlers". With three other crazy guys he played very special acoustic guitar music. They produced one CD and played all over Germany.

After 3 years he wanted to go back to perform other kind of music: Pop songs. He formed a cover band named "The cheaper seats clap" which became eventually "THE CLAP". With his sister again as the female lead singer, they performed the hits of the last 30 years and were soon a very popular band in the southwest of Germany. They played in Stuttgart and had regularly engagements in Switzerland. Kirk sang many of the songs, especially the songs of Genesis, Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson, Oasis and Santana.

During this time, Kirk started to write also classical arrangements for pop songs, because CLAP made every December an "Acoustic Session" where they played famous songs with classical instruments, like cello, viola, violin and a brass section. Two shows of these very successful shows were recorded on CD.

During the time Kirk played with CLAP, he joined another special Cover band named "The Hardbeat" which played only songs of the Sixties. With their excellent Shows and their nostalgic flair the 5 man played themselves into the hearts of the audience. Kirk sang most of the Beatles songs they played. Another music project Kirk was involved was 2 Souls. Together with Celtic Harp and Percussion player Micha Haase, Kirk played originals and covers in a very special sound. Though Micha is also an excellent overtone singer, the concerts of the duo touched the audience also in a spiritual way. In their area they soon became cult.

Though the bands were very successful, Kirk settled with his family to Belgium in 2005, to work on own material, composed on piano, as a kind of chansons. He had the idea to use classical instruments, mixed with pop instruments.

He performed a lot of solo shows, only playing piano, guitar and singing and became an entertainer, who is able to take the audience with him.

April 2008, Kirk met the Belgian producer Bertrand Vanheule from Q88 Productions, which one identified in Kirk a very good composer and live performer.

Lady/Tron (1983 - 1992)
2 LP, 3 CD`s with Kirk
Blume Emmendingen, Open Air Waldkirch, Open Air Hecklingen, Arche Waldkirch, Tangente Freiburg, TG Emmendingen, Juzze Emmendingen, Fritz-Boehle-Halle Emmendingen, Winzerhalle Köndringen, Rockcafe Breisach, Schwimmbad Emmendingen

Paranoja (1984 - 1994)
1 CD
Stadthalle Freiburg, Krone Freiburg, Jazzhaus Freiburg, Open Air Hecklingen, Open Air Sasbach, Open Air Breisach, Open Air Endingen, Open Air Rastatt, Akzente Tuttlingen, Festhalle Breisach, Juzze Emmendingen, Winzerhalle Köndringen, Steinhalle Emmendingen, Festhalle ZPE Emmendingen, Stadthalle Breisach, Kulisse Gengenbach, Hirschsaal Freudenstadt, Stadthalle Mahlberg, Jugendhaus Lahr, Jugendhaus Herbolzheim, Schwimmbad Emmendingen, Löwen Kollnau, Abwärts Oberrotweil, Stiftskeller Lahr, Open Air Herbolzheim, Alte Halle Kenzingen,

Catch 22 (1994 - 1998)
1 CD
Zeltmusikfestival Freiburg,


First CD recorded in studio in 2009. It is a symphonic version of all the excisting tracks. Album is available for licensing.