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"Interview: Kirk Husak"

Written by Lia Karidas
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kirk Husak brings some serious soul to acoustic guitar, and his enthralling voice compliments the setup perfectly. With a 10-track solo album being released very soon audiences will taste a brand of acoustic soul that goes down easily. Here's what Kirk had to say to theMOVEMENTZ.

How did you first get involved with music? Did you always think about it as a possible career?

Actually like many 11 year olds I dreamed of being a hockey player; and that was the goal until I broke my femur in a tournament. So, at home unable to do anything but eat, hobble around, and play video games... I started to learn the guitar. Obviously I dreamed of being a rock star playing AC/DC and whatever was easy, but I never thought of making music my career until i was around 15.

If you had to describe your sound to someone who had never heard you, what would you say?

If someone asked me what i sounded like I would probably start a couple of time trying to explain in detail and by genre; and then like I usually do, I would sigh and tell them that they are acoustic love songs you can be comfortable with.

I understand that you're finished recording a 10-song album. Any word on when that will be released, and what audiences can expect from it?

There were 20 tracks laid down from which me and Adam Newcomb (OverThroe studios) have narrowed down to ten. The audience can expect a better sound better vocal and guitar melodies, but still enjoy the same over all sound. I expect to be done fairly soon. I would say to keep your eyes out for late February early march.

Where does your song writing inspiration usually come from?

Well like most love songs I would say girls; but also I have to admit inspiration can come from anything. I mean I listen to some pretty heavy music along side the soft and I wouldn’t say one gives more then the other.

Any songs inspired by an interesting story that you'd like to share?

Haha well that’s kinda personal. Ok, I have a funny one. I have a song called Lovely Friend Dance, It is about a girl who leads you on and leads you on and wants to be with you, but at the same time she had got eyes for others. So long story short this girl like me but also like another boy (he had a car, I was maybe just 16). So one cold winter day at her friends house she took my coat and ran outside. I went out shivering after her. She was leaning against the house looking up at me with wishful eyes I stared back thinking 'yes she wants me' so, I parted the hair out of her face, my hands resting behind her ears and leaned in; she closed her eyes... then I bit her on the forehead took my coat and walked away. In the end I tried to get her back but she took the car. Moral of the story, girls should like you for you. Haha.

Who are your favourite artists and how have they influenced your music (if they have)?

My favorite artists right now are:

-Every time I Die

-Norma Jean

-The Daughters

-Never shout never

-Between the Trees

-explosions in the sky

(and my music sounds like none of these)

But influential artist would probably be John Mayer, and Jack Johnson. Mind you that was way back when and I rarely listen to them now but I still appreciate how helpful they were.

How do you feel about the Canadian indie music scene? Good, or not so good place to be?

I would say that it’s a hard start. I mean there’s 10 maybe more big touring bands in the states to our 1 in Canada. But at the same time bigger Canadian bands are always helpful to get the local indie acts out there. I think in that the Canadian indie scene is growing pretty fast and right now is a great time to be here.

What's the best part about making music?

I would have to say reactions. I mean I love playing it I love recording it, but the best part is hearing somebodies opinion on a song. How they feel, what it meant.

Any upcoming news/events we should know about?

My CD is coming out around now, so keep an eye out for that. Also I have a band 'Estate of Grace. We are a little heavier haha, our 5-song EP. should be out for sale on Itunes, Chapters/Indigo, HMV and other stores. When my CD comes out i will open for playing a tour. and if any over 19 venues are interested I turn 19 at the end of April.

- The Movementz

"Passion for music keeping Husak sharp for game day"

Passion for music keeping Husak sharp for game day
Posted By Jesse Brooks - Special to The Tentonian

Kirk Husak, 18, from Colborne has played his songs about his lost loves and crushes in almost every town close to him and has a promising future in the music industry.

Husak has been playing guitar since he was in grade 6 and has been singing since his first year of high school. Admitting he was no good at math and science classes, Husak began to take music a little more seriously in high school. Graduating last year, Husak says he’s been playing music for about six and a half years with a few EPs recorded at TS Studios with his friend James Fox.

Influenced early by guys like John Mayer and Teddy Gieger, Husak began writing slow, and rather insightful acoustic songs, most of the time being inspired by girls.

“My style has sort matured since I first began playing,” Husak says. “ As I went on, I found my own style, or language. Lately I have been inspired to write more about life in general and the happiness that tags along with the struggles.”

Currently, Husak is still deep into his original acoustic songs, recording a 10 song record with the help of Adam Newcomb at Overthroe Studios, where it will be printed and sold. He also now plays in a band with friends from Cobourg called Estate of Grace, who are recording an EP in the studio, as well. Another band Husak plays with is Southe, which was formed by him and his life-long best friends.

“It seems like a lot, but to tell you the truth I wish it was more. I love shows and I couldn’t say I enjoy one project more than the other,” Husak says. ”It depends on the night.”

Over the past years, Husak has been seen playing in Cobourg (his favourite place to play), Belleville, Toronto, Morrisburg (St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage) and several smaller venues in towns like Colborne and Brighton.

Husak says his ultimate dream is to be a famous musician. He believes that it would be great to make music, have fun and play shows every night for the rest of his life. Even when Husak isn’t playing, he is still entranced in music.

“I find myself counting beats all the time,” Husak admits. “Music to me isn’t an escape, it’s an excuse for something more and it’s a part of me.”

It is evident that Husak is very passionate and busy with his music, working hard to achieve his goal of playing a packed show where everyone is screaming his lyrics.

Currently, Husak is taking a year to off to work and play more music and hopes to continue his education somewhere next fall. With his acoustic project, two bands, and two CDs coming out, it’s safe to say that every day for Kirk Husak is game day.

To listen to Husak for yourself visit - The Tentonian

"Colborne musician writes song for Canadian troops"

By Bill Tremblay

COLBORNE - Kirk Husak usually writes songs about his own failed attempts at love.
This holiday season he decided to write a song of love separated by distance, but not by choice.
‘I Won’t be Home for the Holidays’ tells the story of those who are serving their country and are unable to be with their loved ones for Christmas.

“It’s not necessarily even about war, it’s just being away from home,” Mr. Husak said.

The song has already caught on with the Canadian Forces and has been sent across the country and where Canadian Forces troops are stationed. The song is also being played on Canadian Forces Radio and TV between Dec. 10 to the 25 wherever Canadian troops are deployed.

“It’s playing everywhere in the world,” Mr. Husak said with enthusiasm.

He introduced his song to Canada’s military through his girlfriend’s mother who is a civilian working at CFB Trenton. The song was then passed to other CF bases eventually making its way to Ottawa.

“I think it really relates to the area because we have the Highway of Heroes and the (Trenton) air base,” Mr. Husak said.

Mr. Husak, 18, began writing the song in Grade 10 and has improved upon the first version over the years. Although he has no personal connection to Canadian Forces members who are stationed overseas, he felt compelled to release the song.

“I feel bad for people who are over there and won’t be home for the holidays,” Mr. Husak said.
He added that writing a song for the troops does not equal his support for Canada’s Afghanistan involvement.
“It’s not that I don’t support the cause, but I’m not necessarily a big supporter of being over there,” Mr. Husak said. “It affects me, but I don’t really have an opinion on it.”

Mr. Husak sings and plays guitar on the song which was recorded at Overthroe Studios in Harwood, ON. The recording cost Mr. Husak $250 which he says is steep for a single acoustic recording. However, he has not been charging for copies of the song.

“It’s a Christmas song, I might as well give it away for free,” Mr. Husak said.

Receiving worldwide play is not Mr. Husak’s first brush with musical success. This year he was nominated for male vocalist of the year by the Ontario Independent Music Awards. He is currently back in the studio preparing to release a 10-song album.

Mr. Husak doesn’t expect his song to help him make progress in the music industry, but hopes his work will inspire emotion for those who hear it.

“If some said, ‘That really touched me’, that is what I want to hear,” Mr. Husak said. “If you can make somebody feel that little bit of emotion then it is worth it.” - BILL TREMBLAY/THE INDEPENDENT


I have 19 songs recorded, 7 on my first demo 'Fun and Games, and 10 on the second 'Just a Little Wishful Thinking'. My new EP is 'In the Beginning'



I stumbled upon being a singer when a band asked me if I could. I said yes (not knowing) and surprisingly I could. I have progressed increasingly since then and still am learning. I live to play guitar and writing is passion which I can share with everyone. Performing is one of the best feelings I've ever felt. I am currently in a band called 'Estate of Grace', but my solo project comes before everything. My dream is to become a known musician and/or song writer. I don't know where I will be in ten years, but I know for certain that I want to be somehow involved in the music industry.