Kirk Sauers

Kirk Sauers

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Muddy Water

Written By: Kirk Sauers

Verse 1
I’m not the kind to be sentimental
But I got a good memory
I don’t have a photograph or letter
I got it burned down in my brain

Cuz’ I remember the day that you came walkin
And my clumsy mouth started talkin

I said “Why don’t we go to the lakeside?”
You looked at me like I was kinda crazy
But then we sat on the dock with our barefeet
Hangin’ below the muddy water

Verse 2
I didn’t write it down and record it
Didn’t create you poetry
It isn’t locked somewhere in a bottle
It’s locked up in my memory

I recall, don’t be surprised, I remember it all
Clearer than the blue sky
Wind chimes ringin, throughout the air
Feet hangin down in the muddy water there