Kirk Simpson

Kirk Simpson


Music should spark the imagination and take you away to the place where it was created. It should invite emotion and bring an added dimension to your person.


Music has always been a part of my life. I bashed out my first tunes way back in 1972 at the tender age of three on a two-piece drum set given to me by my parents on my birthday. Growing up in a musical family was always challenging, while other kids were playing footy I was performing on stage in our family band as the drummer while sharing lead and back up vocals with my bass guitarist mother. Before I was sixteen I would have performed around four hundred gigs at various clubs and venues around Queensland.
I gigged for another five years in numerous rock bands learning to play the guitar along the way. I quickly discovered I had a natural talent for lyrics and songwriting and spent most of my time writing for whatever band I was in at the time.
With a repertoire of about fifty songs on paper and a limited budget I began studying sound engineering and computer programming and started to set up a small home studio while gigging with my wife in a very successful duo on the Gold Coast. At thirty-five I decided to write for my five-year-old son Joelan.
The album “Magpies And Witchetty Grubs “ highlights Australia’s unique culture and quickly received interest from labels in Sydney. I continue to write many rock and country songs but I have decided to push this children’s album for I believe there is a need to capture our youth with music that sparks imagination and spread our honest and down to earth way of life to children across the globe.


The Dance A Roo

Written By: Kirk Simpson ©2005 Kirk Simpson

Verse 1.
Not to far from Kakadu on the bank of a river,
Lived a giant kangaroo who loved to play guitar,
Every morning as the sun rose over Uluru,
Redgie played his bass while emus danced with cockatoo.

Verse 2.
Duggie dingo and his mates take time to dance with Sydney,
A gray goanna's never late when he knows the grubs on after noon,
Everybody’s shaken hands and saying "howdy doo!",
At the all time Aussie outback kick ya heels up dance a roo.

Verse 3.
Mother numbat and her kids are keen as mustard,
To shake their tails with uncle Sid cause he's the smoothest kid in town,
He'll dip his hat and crack his whip, kick up the dust with Milo,
He'll dance the Mullimbimbi jig and he won't stop till the sun goes down.

Verse 4.
Koala bears and bandicoots dress up to dance with Redgie,
Even Dinky wore new boots, for a frilly neck that's hard to do,
Everybody’s shaken hands and saying "howdy doo!",
At the all time Aussie outback kick ya heels up dance a roo.

That Gooney Galah

Written By: Kirk Simpson ©2005 Kirk Simpson

Verse 1.
That gooney google eyed crazy galah,
He was the goofiest bird in the outback,
You had to watch out step aside and run for your life,
If you would get in his way you’d be in all sorts of strife,
Because he’s blind as a bat,
He can’t see a thing,
If you take to the sky you’d better look out,
He swoops and he swings he’s got two left wings,
Everybody knows he’s a flop out.

Verse 2.
Well that gooney galah he really can sing,
But he wouldn’t fly straight if he was tied to a string,
He used to fly through the washing on the wombats line,
Across a dirt road into a give way sign,
Well that’s got to hurt,
You’d think he’d give it away and take a bus to work,
But he’s ok,
He’s a son of a gun,
You got to give him points for flying while his heads still numb.

Verse 3.
That’s what we like about the folks around here,
Thumbs up for trying he has no fear,
Because he’s our mate,
He’s one of a kind,
He has the voice of an angel he’s just no good at flying,
So we all got together when he asked us,
To chip in a dollar for some glasses,
Now he has no trouble seeing near or far,
He is straight as an arrow he’s a groovy galah.

Ed The Emu

Written By: Kirk Simpson ©2005 Kirk Simpson

Verse 1.
Over by the gum tree stood big Ed,
A very large bird with long legs,
He has great big feathers and he sits on eggs,
An emu can’t fly so he walks instead.

Verse 2.
He walked from the desert to the sandy beach,
Up along the coast to the Barrier Reef,
He walked through the summer and the winter’s breeze,
Looking for the scallywag who stole his wings.

Verse 3.
He said must have been when I was taking a nap,
Somebody stole my wings now that’s pretty slack,
But I’m going to go down every track,
Until I catch that scallywag and get them back.

Verse 4.
For six long years Ed was chasing his tail,
Searched high and low and over every trail,
Asked every animal he chanced to meet,
They all said the same thing back to his beak.

Verse 5.
They said don’t be silly Ed cant you see,
Everybody knows it isn’t meant to be,
You’re a nice enough bloke but your not meant to fly,
Your way too big and there’s not enough sky.

Verse 6.
Well that wasn’t good enough for big old Ed,
He kept on walking on those big old legs,
Back when I saw him he was taking a rest,
Underneath the gum tree catching his breath.