Kirk Special

Kirk Special

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

Kirk Special is a one-man garage-punk blues band from Adelaide Australia. Kick drum, snare, slide guitar and singin'.


I hail from Adelaide Australia, where I'm known for being just about the only one-man-band around. I take my influence from RL Burnside, Robert Belfour and Hasil Adkins as well as punk/garage bands like the Sonics and the Cramps.

Think fuzz, furiously fast finger-picked open-tuned licks, medium-fi vocals, bottleneck slide (an actual bottleneck, mind) and one dude kickin' two drums. Also, being Australian means I'm naturally charming and hard-working. Oh, and broke.

I'm just off the back of a bunch of tours around Australia(it's a big country, it's hard to do all in one go), playing with luminaries like the Snowdroppers, Abbe May (ABBE MAY!), Jackson Firebird and the Dunhill Blues.

Last year, a had a crack at Toronto, ON's NXNE festival, as well as a mini-tour of Ontario, involving some 7-odd shows in a week. The power cut out before my set, but it came good and I got to ply

I also played at the second and third annual Juke Joint festivals in my hometown with genius Aussie blues purveyors, Dallas Frasca and Mojo Webb. You probably don't know those names, but you really should.

Prior to that I went to Minneapolis, MN to play Deep Blues Festival '09 with T-Model Ford, CeDell Davis, the Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser (I learned slide listening to their first album, Gettin' Down on It) and a few choice Canadian bands like the Skirtchasers, the Schomberg Fair and the Speaking Tongues, whom I had the pleasure of reconnecting with during NXNE.


I've recently released Full-Length album "The Fewer The Facts, The Stronger The Opinion", recorded on quarter inch tape, through some really sweet amps and old-timey mixing desks.

9 tracks of powerful, powerful blues-punk. 9 crowd pleasers, swear.

One Mannin'
Shotgun Powder
Outta Control
Long Hair
Seven Sevens
Hole in a Hole
Sloppy Drunk Blues*

* taken from a forthcoming Big Joe William tribute album, "My Blues", released by Stobie Sounds late 2010. It's killer.

Set List

My live set's normally 45 minutes, but I could go for an hour or more. Mostly originals, but I've covered RL, T-Model, The Ramones, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. I put my own take on the songs by the way. I'm not a coverband.