Toronto, Ontario, CAN
SoloWorldNew Age

Relaxing and meditative world fusion, Kirrivath creates music for the soul's journey. Hauntingly beautiful sounds that transport you to another world.


What is Kirrivath? The short answer: Film and Game Soundtrack Music based on fantasy worlds, myths, and fairytales.

Kirrivath is a creative project of Chagall Sierra, a composer and singer based in Toronto, Canada. Originally called Between the Worlds, the name was changed in 2013. The feel is meditative and mystical - from tranquil and peaceful to exotic percussion-based dances.

Currently working on the next studio album to be released later this year. Prior releases include: "The Unknown Hero" in 2015, an imaginary soundtrack to a dark Celtic fantasy; and "Between the Worlds ONE" in 2003, an enchanting medley of Tribal, Celtic, Ambient, Contemporary Classical, and Folk.


The Unknown Hero (2015)
Theme/Swallowtail Jig 02:02
Moon Mirror 2001 01:02
MacAirdrie [Dark] 01:37
Undersea Quiet 01:32
Midwives 02:16
Moon Mirror [Extended] 04:44

Between the Worlds ONE (2003)
Stillness Within 03:13
Lament for Flute 01:19
Undersea Quiet 01:32
Skylark 02:58
Midwives 02:16
Seal Woman 05:24
Abundant Harvest 04:34
Invocation (Life Lives On) 04:51
Joy of Angels 01:50

Set List

Kirrivath does not currently perform live, although Chagall Sierra occasionally performs Kirrivath material as part of her acoustic act.