Kirsten Davies

Kirsten Davies


Envision Robert Plant vocals meeting up with Foo Fighters' driving guitars and Audioslave's lyrics and stellar frontman. But with a 6' female redhead at the healm.


Kirsten Davies took the stage and blew the concertgoers away with her hands on performance and in your face vocals. Sara Yaste -

Original, melodic, driving rock, Kirsten Davies' music is a little bit live Police, a little bit Blondie, and a little bit Foo Fighters... and at the same time unlike anything you've heard. It's driving, soaring, and very addictive.

The live show is a good 1/3 harder than the studio tracks, making for an incredible rock performance you won't want to miss.

Kirsten has a 4+ octave range, and has been performing since the age of 5. She is classically trained. An experienced songwriter with cuts in multiple genres. Self- produced. And a full-time redhead.

• Peavey-endorsed artist.
• "Unseen" was just selected from hundreds of entries to be featured in a swag bag for an A list Hollywood Publicists event in preparation for the 2008 SAG Awards, providing on-going exposure to the TV/Film licensing community.
• Jaeger Stage performance with Black Stone Cherry and Molly Hatchet, Labor Day 2007.
• MTV has licensed 10 of 11 tracks on "Unseen" for original programming.
• Select tracks from "Unseen" broke nationwide at college radio in fall 2005.
• "Unseen" was the Song of the Day at Radio Fedra stations in Europe, two weeks running.
• The project was recently ranked #5 on the Top 100 CDs of 2005 by Belgium's

A downloadable EPK is available at, and includes complete bio info, as well as the hot sheet of all radio station play, full press releases, and show posters.

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Unseen is represented at college radio and for licensing by TinderBox Music.

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Written By: Kirsten Davies, Mitch Ballard

it runs through your veins it’s the stillness in your soul
when the storms inside your conscience make you want to lose control
it’s near, aware, it knows, it’s everywhere

unseen but alive so alive
unseen but alive so alive

don’t you know you’re underwater unaware of the waves
it’s the life that fills your lungs takes your breath away
it’s untouched, untamed, it's unspoiled and unrestrained

unseen but alive so alive
unseen but alive so alive

i wrestle the Unseen
love and hate what lies beneath
the struggle brings me to my knees
it’s faith that sets me free

it’s near, aware, it knows, it’s everywhere

unseen but alive so alive
unseen but alive so alive

Twist the Knife

Written By: Kirsten Davies, Mitch Ballard

i give
you don't give a damn
i'm upside down inside your never-never land
i try
trying's not enough
you move me, fool me, soothe me, then wound me with your touch

twist the knife...twist the knife
turn away and turn the blade
judas kiss to my face
twist the knife...twist the knife
while my arms are open wide you twist the knife

i take
taken all your shit
you tease me with your honey tounge but you're hypocrite
i walk
walk on a razor's edge
i love you, hate you, need you, i want you out of my head


throw your arms around my neck
and stab my back
lead me on with your deceit
you cut i bleed


"Unseen" 11 tracks of original rock.
Street Date July 1, 2005.

Streaming audio tracks of Unseen are available at

Set List

The set list features original rock music (and a kickin' cover or two) for anywhere from 45 minutes to a 1 hour and 15 minute set.