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A modestly angular take on triple A pop-rock: sunny harmonies, high production values, and female vocals with a hint of Siouxsie Siouxsian menace. Recommended if you like Matthew Sweet, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Imbruglia, Elastica, and the Banshees.

- Editor of

"Nights & Weekends"

DeHaan’s style is reminiscent of Edie Brickell’s, and her sound combines rock with a bit of a country accent...

New York singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kirsten DeHaan hails from Indiana and Conform is her debut album. DeHaan’s style is reminiscent of Edie Brickell's, and her distinctive sound combines indie rock with a bit of a country accent.

"Saved" is upbeat and features some lovely guitar stylings. "Commotion" is a great track for dancing. A couple of the slower tracks, "Breakthrough" and "Apologies," are soft and melodic.

Most of the songs on this disc are very danceable, with some wonderful guitar solos woven throughout. The mix is heavy on the bass line and the vocals are nothing short of spectacular. The lyrics speak with simple eloquence of love, heartbreak, ambition and passion.

- Christine Casoli

"Musical Discoveries"

"Each song seems to have a standout value, with its varied rhythms and vocal beauty. Kirsten seems to raise the bar with each song, and the result is one of excitement and wanting more. This ten track album has a distinctive sound and Kirsten's talents shine through." - Russell Elliot

"Shut Eye Records"

“Contrary to what its contemplative title might suggest,
'Conform' boasts a fresh perspective on the pop/rock genre. From the acquiescent tone of "The Money Sinner" to the cathartic yearnings of "Push", this album is a powerful exploration of the human condition”
- Ryan Hoffer

"Collected Sounds"

Kirsten DeHaan's voice has been compared to Janis Joplin in more than one instance, but I'm afraid I don't see it. To me, Joplin's voice is grating (I know, hate me if you must) where Kirsten's is much more pleasing. It has a much softer feel yet is still gutsy. Reminds me more of Tonya Donnelly.

The music itself is in the same vein as Donnelly and Belly, but also has a harder edge at times. After listening to "On Our Own" I found myself humming "Malibu" by Hole so something in my subconscious put those two together.

There is a very strong guitar presence here. In both the CD cover (a photo of a very pretty guitar on the inside flap) and the songs. The electric solo guitar is prominent is many songs. I'd go so far as to say maybe too prominent in some, even. But perhaps that's just me. I like guitar, I just don't want it to be obvious to me that I am supposed to be listening to the solo. I would rather hear the vocals. But again, it's only my personal preference. Many love the noodling.

All in all this is a strong rock recording.

Favorite song: "Apologies"

Posted on October 21, 2004 - Amy Lotsberg

"Woman Rock Magazine"

hugely original, it's DeHaan's voice that throws a happy wrench in the well-crafted pop songs she sings. She's a sweeter hybrid of Shirley Manson and fellow WOMANROCKer Julia Darling. "Floating" features chord changes inspired by John Mayer, and rhythms have the polish of a major label production while melodies remain a little more un-tucked and artful.
- 7 records

"Froglix Radio (Feb, 2010)"

With her commanding yet earthy/folk voice, strong melodies and gift for writing incredibly honest lyrics you can’t help but like Kirsten DeHaan.

What’s even better is that all of the aforementioned elements come together perfectly on her latest album entitled Thorns On a Crown. “I’m Coming Home“ is a prime example of all of DeHaan’s strengths on display. The intro starts with a delicate guitar solo, plucking each audible note all the while preparing the listener for what’s coming next…potent lyrics delivered so candidly that you can actually feel her heart ache as your own personal angst percolates to the surface along with it. “Double or Nothing” is an upbeat tune that will have you tapping your foot for the whole ride and by the second chorus you’ll find yourself singing along. For sure it’s pop, but DeHaan’s voice and guitar make it the perfect antidote to the formulaic dross sung by pre-packaged female artists that is currently being offered by the “mainstream” music industry these days.

After listening to the other tracks on the album it’s apparent that everything one may have discerned about about DeHaan culminates with “1984?. Her voice (reminiscent of Stevie Nicks), guitar, bass and drums all blend beautifully together to create a compelling folk/rock sound. - David Mitchell

"Womens Radio (2010)"

Kirsten DeHaan selected as top Up N Comer for 2010

Woodstock, New York is famous for many different reasons; our new favorite reason is Alternative Singer/Songwriter, guitarist and owner of SirLady Records, Kirsten DeHaan.

It is evident that Kirsten delivers pure talent in every breath that escapes her lips and through each strum of her guitar, and through a firmly planted position in the industry, has enabled herself to take the world by storm throughout the next decade! - Brian Ball

"The Chronogram (Feb Issue, 2010)"

Kirsten DeHaan is a Woodstock artist to keep an eye—and an ear—on. Her recently released EP, Thorns on a Crown, is a bit of a tease, with five songs that make one wonder—when can we hear the rest?

The upbeat “1984” introduces her guitar/bass/drums-based sound and catchy songwriting skills, but it’s her elastic vocals that really pop. There are gratifying nuances in her voice and a little-girl quality that approaches the likes of Lisa Loeb or local songbird Valen. “Double or Nothing” is another cheery tune that urges the listener to get up and move. Things slow down on “The Night Shift,” which is a good thing, as the colorful variations in DeHaan’s voice are punctuated even more in moments of silence. She breaks out her harmonica in “I’m Coming Home,” and her singing is particularly earnest here. DeHaan winds down the EP with “Ms. Daisy,” another buoyant tune that leaves you wanting more.

Another local publication voted this record into the top 10 of regional releases for 2009 and with good reason. DeHaan says her mission is to deliver goose bumps and to question the status quo, and she’s been doing just that on college and adult alternative stations across the Northeast. - Sharon Nichols

"Kweevak Magazine"

Kirrsten DeHaan is a singer, songwriter and the president of her own label. DeHaan currently resides in New York City overseeing her career and related projects such Indie Rock Launch a live showcase of local, indie musicians. Her inspirations include Stevie Nicks, Belly, Dave Matthews and others. Kirsten magically melds these classic influences into her own unique, modern blend of pop rock. Pop might be too light of a word to describe DeHaan's music as she writes insightful, compelling songs that are executed with fervor. Kirsten has a wide, vocal range layered over imaginative rhythm and chord combinations. DeHaan has a talented band that contributes traditional rock instruments along with the clarinet, the organ, a vox and a Wurlitzer. Kirsten's ten-track debut spans a diversity of styles from danceable to reflective. The opening track, 'The Money Sinner' features three guitars flowing over a catchy beat and other hip sound effects. Kirsten richly sings about ruthlessness perhaps referring to the music industry. 'The Cycle' has edgy, dueling guitars and soaring solos layered over a driving beat. DeHaan's vocals are deep and dark yet moving high in the octave range. 'Commotion' is another strong rocker utilizing the winning format presented in 'The Cycle'. Kirsten is a commanding vocalist and Conform rises above the norm! - RICH LYNCH


Conform - Copyright 2004 SirLady Records
1. The Money Sinner
2. Floating
3. On Your Own
4. Push
5. Saved
6. The Cycle
7. Breakthrough
8. Commotion
9. Apologies
10. Fade Away

'Under The Richter Scale' - Copyright 2006 SirLady Records
1. And
2. Decisions
3. Russian Roulette

'Thorns On A Crown' - Copyright 2009 SirLady Records
1. 1984
2. Double Or Nothing
3. The Night Shift
4. I'm Coming Home
5. Ms. Daisy

The 2009 EP was released in early October. Key highlights include:
- top 10 regional album of 2009
- Hot Up’N-Comer for 2010 (by
- airplay on (an iTunes Radio Staff Favorite)
- airplay on over 30 College/AAA radio stations
- airplay on 25 online stations across the US, UK, and the Netherlands
- featured in the Windows 7/Reverbnation Campaign
- ranked # 1 Alternative Artist (Locally in Upstate NY) on Reverbnation
- ‘1984’ was also listed in’s Free Music Mondays edition.



Kirsten DeHaan is a "musician's musician". A singer/songwriter and guitarist whose first musical influence came via her two older brothers having Floyd & Zeppelin in constant rotation, she was 5. Three years later she was finally able to break her mother down to purchase her first guitar on a family trip to their native Germany for 40 marks. “I just remember clutching onto this guitar with dear life and could not wait to get it back home to Indiana" and so a singer-songwriter was born.

"After graduating with a degree from SMU in Dallas, I was attending grad school in Colorado for my MBA, when I had my epiphany that music was my business and that I needed to make that my focus". I got serious about getting serious and sold my car and belongings (to the horror of my parents) to buy my plane ticket to New York City and my 300 sqft apt on the lower east side; six weeks later 9/11 hit".

"As a singer-songwriter, you pull inspiration from life experiences and I had a lot to contribute". Waiting tables at a little joint across from the famous CBGB's, Kirsten kept her eye on the prize. After being courted by major and indie labels, DeHaan used her business instincts to respectfully pass on the opportunity to sign with a major label and finally in 2004 she released her first album, ‘Conform’ on her own independent label, SirLady Records. "I started my own label because I am a huge proponent of artists owning their own material. My pathos was to create and deliver the best music possible and collaborate with those in the industry of a similar mind-set." The album debuted to a sold out crowd at CBGB's (of course).

DeHaan hit the ground running, personally promoting and pitching her music to TV Networks and 150 radio stations within the first week of release. Her persistence and passion paid off. Her first licensing deal was sealed with MTV with her music appearing on two hit reality shows;"Made" and "My Super Sweet Sixteen". ‘Conform’ continued to gained momentum, declared as one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson by Garageband rated her #16 Best Female Vocals in Pop/Rock all time and critics started to compare DeHaan’s sound to the likes of Joplin, U2, Nirvana, and Stevie Nicks.

After two years of pounding pavement and touring to promote ‘Conform’, DeHaan was eager to get back into the studio for her sophomore effort,
"Under The Richter Scale", a 3 track EP. Soon after, her music had been downloaded over 1 million times via various peer-to-peer sites. In the vain of being fiercely independent, DeHaan was eager to help promote and foster the indie music scene in New York City. Henceforth, she created the New York Indie Rock Launch in 2005 in TriBeCa - a grass roots effort which became a precursor to the indie environment of what now dominates the Brooklyn music scene showcasing hot acts: The Nillaz, Planeside, Troup 47, The Rosewood Theives, Blowup Hollywood, and Sam Bisbee.

After touring hard to promote the albums and the Indie Rock Launch, DeHaan hit a stumbling block. Her body just could not keep up with her desire to hone her craft and perform. At first, most thought it was just attributed to exhaustion from the type of dedication she threw into the music and the label. Then came the diagnosis, Endometriosis.

"Please understand it is hard for me to go public with this, as I am a very private person and was raised in a strict German household where we pride ourselves on our work ethic and keeping your head down and producing the best. Ironically, besides the support of my family, it was the music that kept me from giving up. I could barely walk but I would pull my guitar onto my bed and play, make notes in my moleskin and I thought about those even less fortunate, like the soldiers overseas. I am not a proponent of war, yet I felt compelled by their dedication to their craft and country. That was the impetus to create regular webcasts for American Soldiers".

Down but defiantly not out, DeHaan decided to do what she could and through Craigslist posted an ad to teach guitar. "The response was overwhelming and I fell in love with teaching. As a musician you learn everyday and you must practice and be on your instrument as much as possible. Teaching guitar was so fulfilling on many levels. My students were very patient and understanding while I was ill and they too gave me the energy/spirit to remain focused on the music. We inspired each other".

Teaching guitar not only paid the bills, but allowed DeHaan to rent a place out on the beach in Bellport, Long Island and the songs just poured out. "I was writing almost everyday and on my instrument as much as possible. I was extremely amped to go home; home for me is the Studio".

Relocating from Brooklyn, home became Woodstock,NY. DeHaan was attracted to the area for the obvious music history and legacy but also the spirituality that is palatable in a town surrounded ge