Kirsten Elizabeth

Kirsten Elizabeth

 Huntington, New York, USA

I am a singer songwriter, inspired by folk and country artists. I write to express thoughts and emotions, that can't be illustrated any other way. I hope my music/lyrics, reach and inspire others.


Kirsten Elizabeth is an alpha wolf. A self declared singer songwriter who writes from the heart and sings from the soul. For Kirsten, there is no better place than the stage, from which she can share with the audience, her thoughts, her words, and most importantly her voice.


I'm So Sorry

Written By: Kirsten Elizabeth

I'm so sorry, that it turned out this way
What can I say?
I'm so sorry, that you are broken beyond repair
In such despair
Oh you loved me so strongly
And it was something that I couldn't understand
And then you told me that this was something so much more than just holding hands

But i don't feel the same way that you do
I don't feel the love that your feeling so true

And I am sorry, for how I let you down
Now there's no sound
I didn't realize, I was captured by the sparkle in your eyes
love in disguise
Oh you needed me, so badly, and I had never felt that way before
And I just couldn't find, that same love inside
And now you don't want to see me anymore

Now the guilt has taken over my soul
And I can't stand to see the sadness I cannot console

But it has brought such pain
Now we'll never be the same
Cause' I didn't love you in return
Now you can't even speak with me
You won't go to places where I'll be
Cause' seeing me makes your heart burn

And I am sorry, I didn't think this would mean goodbye
No more you and I
I'm so sorry, that I couldn't just fee it too
It was only you
I know you want me, but I just can't agree
And I hope that you can make it by
Please try to let go, you can take it slow
But please don't be afraid to try
I'm so sorry, so sorry, Ooooo
I'm so sorry

Oh you needed me so badly, and it was something that I couldn't understand