Kirsten & Marie

Kirsten & Marie


Having gained huge popularity and respect on Danish alternative folk scene it is now time for Kirsten & Marie to become an international act. Their unique blend of symphonic arrangements, spanish guitar and fragile polyphonic vocals is theirs alone and has the potential to become both an artistically and commercially successful brand on the international alternative music scene.


Imagine walking down the aisle of an old Gothic church. The air is filled with the sound of polyphonic melodies sung by two young girls. Gently, one is playing chromatic chord shifts on a nylon string guitar. They are twins. The playful universe in Kirsten & Marie’s music reminds of love between sisters.

Tambourhinoceros’ co-founders and Oh No Ono members Aske and Kristoffer immediately lost their hearts to the sound back in 2009 when they heard it for the first time. A fan of Oh No Ono had arranged for the sisters to play a couple of songs at the stairs of the venue after a concert.

Kirsten & Marie’s music actually kick-started the idea of founding a new record label led by artists and dedicated to the love for music: Tambourhinoceros. The EP Kirsten & Marie became its first release in May 2010. A lot has taken off since.

In 2012 they released their debut album Newspeak which was fully orchestrated with violins, pianos, percussion and drums. During Tambourhinoceros co-founder, Aske Zidore’s mixing of the album, a lot of effect were added to Newspeak. On one songs Kirsten’s budgie bird sings backing vocals and on others there are Strauss Mash-ups, just to name a few examples. All adding to the unique sound of Newspeak.


My Dear (Single, 2010)
Kirsten & Marie (EP, 2010)
Na Na NaNa NaNa NaNa (Single, 2012)
Newspeak (Album, 2012)