This mother/daughter duo's amazing voices, heartfelt lyrics and engaging, energizing music are capturing the hearts of audiences wherever they perform. Watch for Kim & Sara's "Kaleidoscope Ride" tour in fall 2007!


When Kim picked up her first guitar at the age of 10 the love of music and storytelling became firmly rooted in her soul. The call of the stage came later in life when Kim had her own family.

So began a journey to many regional bands, pubs and halls, theatre and songwriting performances as Kim juggled the demands of family while continuing to build her songwriting and vocal talents.

Imagine her amazement when her young daughter, born into the realm of Autism, picked up a microphone and began to sing. Sara had no words at this point (age 4) but her beautiful voice welled straight up from a soul that craved a connection to others.

Detour, Kim's current band, welcomed Sara on stage often and encouraged her development as an artist. Kim & Sara's folk/country/pop sound blended well with their southern country rock/ blues attitude and audience.

Now in 2007 they are kicking off their "Kaleidoscope Ride" Tour. They are currently working on new material for their first full album and performing both for general audiences as well as special events delivering their message of celebrating diversity and "possibilities".


Kaleidoscope Ride

Written By: Kim Souch

People try to tell me
what to think and do and say
that I should take my time,
follow the course and never let my colours stray
But life can never be contained
behind four walls in locks and chains
all it's wonders wait for you
if you look beyond the signs

It's a kaleidoscope ride
images in shades so bright
a world of laugher and of light
it's a kaleidoscope ride
waiting to be explored
just open up the door
and invite life in...

Fear and questions circle by
trying to surround me
a puzzle piece still waiting for
a picture to complete
until then I'll journey on
with love guiding me along
to add my voice..
find my own way..

repeat chorus

There is no one quite like me
but we share a common ground
learning and laughing
as we spin around

repeat chorus

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Written By: Kim Souch

She tosses her clothes all about her room
Plays her music real loud likes to sleep till noon
Spends all her spare time at the mall shopping
like a tornado spinning she keeps me hopping

She likes bright colours and has a sweet tooth
loves to laugh and giggle and raise the roof
takes me back just a few years or so
my Mom's voice calling from the kitchen below..

Girl let's get going, quit looking in the mirror
Those clothes are just fine
yes, your hair looks nice
As my mind flips back she's at my side
ready for her own first dance tonight
in those new high heels we got her
Like mother, like daughter

She works too hard and relaxes too little
tries to juggle it all
likes to keep things simple
talks of respect and dignity too
sometime loses her temper
but she has a long fuse

She likes to sing and play her guitar
likes to read a good book
and she has a soft heart
a few years or so and it's easy to see
the woman that I want to be..

Mom let's get going quit looking in the mirror
there's a crowd waiting and they want to hear us
as I turn around she's at my side
ready to go out on stage tonight
in that new outfit we got her
like mother, like daughter...

repeat chorus (girl let's get...)


Written By: Kim Souch

A boy in class says the other day
I don't know where to turn
This piece of junk I thought was art
looks like the mummy's curse
My teacher smiled, walked to his side
picked up his project, looked in his eyes and said
Now don't you give up yet...
You might be surprised... I see

Possibilities... yes possibilities
Look at those colours
reflections of light
It would be a shame
to give up the fight
Time is sometimes needed
for true beauty to shine through
Take another look could be you'll see

My best friend had me over
just the other night
when I got there she was crying
by her mirror at the sight
of curly hair and brand new braces
big glasses and her freckled face
I sat down beside her and said
don't worry Kate... I see...

Possibilities... yes possibilities
beauties beginnings,
reflections of light
A great smile in progress
and eyes so bright
time is all that's needed
for true beauty to shine through
take another look could be you'll see

They told my mom that I would never
get to reach out for my dreams
but shes says
every time she looks at me
she sees...

Possibilities... yes possibilities..
time is all that's needed for true beauty to shine through
Everywhere I look I see
Possibilities... Possibilities...
Possibilities... Possibilities...


Let's Open the Window ; 1994, Heartfelt Music
Heartbeat; 2001, International Plowing Match Compilation Cd
Possibilities; 2004, Heartfelt Music
Possibilities Special Edition; 2004 in collaboration with Autism Ontario