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9612- debut album release date early 2006

In the shadow of the Valley of Hope - 3 track demo


Feeling a bit camera shy


Websters dictionary defines kismet as: fate; something that was meant to be. Such is the case with the metal band, KismatiK. From it’s enception, events have transpired and actions come full circle to lead the metal band to were they are today.

Singer Adam Wright, drummer Eddie Tucker, bassist Ed Russell and guitarist Joe Russell formed Kismatik in territories most unfriendly to heavy metal devotees, high school. “I have been with the band since the beginning,” Tucker said." Since then we just play. We can be spastic with tons of different time signatures, or we can slow it down and have melodic vocals and riffs.”

Tucker said he personally likes bands like Tool, Staind and Motograter, but that goes for pretty much all the guys in the band as well. All the band members like different types of music other than just metal. “When I pick up my guitar, if I am not playing our own material, I will practice a lot of blues scales and improv,” Joe said. “If I do play other bands material, it might be Ill Nino or Killswitch Engage, but mainly I just like to noodle around on the guitar and find new things.”

Mid-August saw Kismatik opening for Soulfly and Ill Nino, two of Kismatik’s all-time favorite bands. Most opening bands are usually not listed on promotional flyers-especially the up and coming local bands-but there were just as many kids wearing Kismatik shirts as there were kids wearing Soulfly and Ill Nino t-shirts at the concert. Kismatik’s album entitled “9612” (Dream Maker Records, release early 2006) is a ten-track disk, recorded, mixed, and produced by Chris Telkes of Nocturne and Ed Russell of Kismatik; Mastered by Anthony Casuccio at Xtream Audio. The ten tracks display their range from melodic rock songs dealing with the pain of losing someone on “One More Day” to the heavier guttural growls of “Requiem.”

According to Ed, the band wants to reach people. Although the guys have differing views on a number of issues, the contrasts between them all help to produce Kismatik's unique sound. Ed describes Kismatik as a collective consciousness and a means for the band to make an amalgam of what they all feel. All the members think music is a great way to influence others. If someone hears thier music, and it reaches them, the guys are grateful.