As a band, our main purpose is to lift up the name of Jesus through rock music! Everyone in the band loves playing music and worshipping through our lyrics that glorify his name.


In Webster's dictionary kismet is defined at fait or destiny. It is because of destiny that Kismet was brought together in April of 2008. Kismet has went through many changes but has stayed true to there purpose. We plan to take our music and share it with everyone possible. We have many influences including Skillet, Red, Decyfer Down, God, Pillar, Since October, and Disciple. What sets us apart from other bands is that our ability to overcome adversity. Our story began at a Skillet concert in memphis, tennessee. When we saw what an amazing outreach Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Decyfer Down were reaching, we wanted to take our talents to new levels. So Kismet was created and the outreach began!!!


The End Is Near

Written By: Andrew Fleeman

(verse 1_
At the end of the earth things will rearrange
It is coming soon so you better change
Cause all your lies lust and blasphemies
Will Never let you in!

Cause he's coming faster, faster than you know
If your living for him it must not show
If your for him or them you better choose
And you better realize he's coming soon

(verse 2)
At the end of the earth they will feel the wrath
It will start our slow and will end up fast
The earth will be dark and will be burned
If you have not repented you sure will learn


Save me Lord and make me yours
Use me Lord to serve you
I love you Lord and you do give
Thank you Lord you let me live!

To the Depths

Written By: Andrew Fleeman

You fell short, your falling off a cliff, you couldnt make the leap

(verse 1)
On the edge close to the end
The rocks fall off and i look down
Its to the Depth of where I'd fall
And Way down there I'd lose it all

As I look back and the demons crawl
From the Pits of Hell to withdrawal
My Salvation to take the lead
Its his kingdom, He bids them to Leave

(Verse 2)
I haste my steps and try to escape
Running from these souls which hate
The screams and cries of burning flesh
Is trying to pull me, to my death


Through the depths and through the storms He will always be there for you
In Hard times and times of doubt he will always be there
Even though things may be tough
There always going to get better
Because with the Lord theres nothing you cant do
As long as your there and trust in him


Current - Fait or Destiny EP
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Set List

Give Thanks
Our Generation
To the Depths
The End is Near
Not my Will

Our full set is around an hour and we are working on new music now.

We do not do cover songs we like to stick to our originals.