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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Pop Funk




"Cosmic Love Video Premier"

"Hopping back and forth from a funky space disco stage to a sun- drenched desert, the video is a great watch for a catchy track you’ll want to turn up loud." -
J.Craney - GroundSounds


From The Artist : [Carly] Music helps me make sense of the senseless, helps me lead with compassion and is an outlet for oh so many emotions. A week after the women’s march, I was out a bar and some man felt the need to “flatter” me my grabbing my butt. It was my boiling point, 26 years in the making. All the Alanis Morissette angst in my veins came pouring out into this song, the emblematic lyric being “I’m the panther not the prey”.

This song was written with the intention of it being an empowering anthem so in these moments of violation and complete disrespect for another human being, I remember my worth, my rights, my voice. With the many Weinstein-esque stories buzzing around and the #metoo Facebook sharing that’s happening at the moment, we have never released something so reflective of the current social climate. I couldn’t be more excited that ‘Panther’ (a year in the making) is finally ready for the world to hear.

[Baz] This is the first of our songs to engage the listener in conversation – as opposed to being a love story to witness. To me ‘Panther’ is saying, “You invade my personal space, my body and then demand I respect you?!” There is a cultural turning of the tides that is putting to rest the docile and obedient feminine archetype, largely because social media has provided a safe platform for true experiences, feelings and SECRETS to be heard. Previously, those secrets isolated people, but now we realize many of the horrible molestation stories that are coming to light are, unfortunately, not unique.
Panther is for anyone and everyone who has been made to feel less, smaller or powerless. We are the panthers not the prey. - Live in Limbo


Hi fellows, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
We’ve been great! Just living that freelance hustle, there’s no rest. Thank God for coffee … and thank you for your interest to interview us.
Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Cosmic Love”?
This song reflects the ups and downs, the light and shade and all of the magic and mundane parts that make up love. It’s a song that represents our move (sonically) towards engaging more booty’s into grooving along with us, especially for live shows. When we first started out we had a much more singer-songwriter vibe (Jason Mraz x Sara Bareilles-esque). Nowadays, Allen Stone and Vulfpeck has had a profound influence on us and we love the lively-ness of Cosmic Love. [Carly] I NEED to dance.. in my kitchen, at Trader Joe’s, and especially while singing – this song marked a change in direction for us that I have been craving!
Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?
[Baz] Not to my memory, the song is a reflection of our love story; Sometimes we are on cloud nine feeling all those fluttery feelings, other times we are folding laundry and bickering. With this ebb and flow, there is an interlocking of compatible opposites that is undeniable, she’s the yin to my yang. [Carly] (cue heart-eyed emoji!) We live together, work together and love together – most days it’s my most cherished blessing but we definitely have our moments. We often write songs like mantras – things to grow into or reminders when we forget the best version of ourselves. For me this one is a reminder on the days that aren’t so shiny, that we are imperfect, perfect humans doing the best we can and all we can control is our commitment to this partnership & the crazy ride that entails.
Any plans to release a video for the single?
YES YES YES!!! We embarked on our biggest adventure yet – a low budget, indie music video with our best friends! February to May was spent planning, scheming, fundraising, costume shopping, etc. to make this video come to life. [Carly] Alex Cantatore (Quick, Act Casual films) directed & edited the video and Amanda Spinella produced it, two of my dear friends from college. We turned my parents’ small business warehouse into outer space and the Red Rock Canyon into another planet. It’s the first time I’ve connected my love of dance to my original music and we couldn’t be more proud of how it’s turned out. We should be releasing it sometime this month so stay tuned for some partner lifts that give Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey a run for their money
- Vents Magazine


Los Angeles based duo KiSMiT will have you dancing the night away as they present the visuals to their new offering titled, "Cosmic Love." Watch "Cosmic Love" below and make sure you support their new single via ITUNES. - Solo Vibes


We caught up with funk-infused pop sensations, KiSMiT, to chat about their new single, “Cosmic Love”! The duo, who just recently performed a month long residency with Sofar Sounds Los Angeles last month, opened up to us about what they have coming up, their songwriting process and so much more! Read our exclusive Q&A below:

Let’s talk about “Cosmic Love” – how did the song come about for you? What’s the story behind it?
‘Cosmic Love’ marks a change in our style & music for us. We played our first full band show in LA just one year ago and, as you can imagine, we are still establishing ‘our sound’. Up until this song, our music lived in a more singer-songwriter world, but after seeing the likes of Allen Stone and Vulfpeck live we knew a solid injection of funk was called for in order to engage booty-shaking wherever we play.
As far as the message – this song reflects the ups and downs, the light and shade and the all magic and mundane parts that make up love. We are a couple pursuing our dreams together and we recognize the craziness of that commitment daily. This song is a sort of mantra for us to remember to trust this love that will continually surprise us. We can control nothing else but devoting ourselves to it.

What’s the reaction been like for you guys?
It’s been really positive. The ‘internet’ has described Cosmic Love as ‘three minutes of pure fun’, ’the perfect addition to the summer’ and ‘a catchy track you’ll want to turn up loud’. But the reaction truly felt real at our last show, at the Viper Room; As soon as we started the song people got up off their seats and created a dance floor. It was a powerful experience to share with everyone there that night.

What can fans expect from you guys for the rest of the year?
In a nutshell: We have more music, new videos and monthly shows coming at you - The Daily Shuffle

"Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLIII"

Indie duo delivering pop/funk/electronica blended into one song that creates a dance floor right in front of your eyes from beginning to end and you catch yourself dancing with that special one right into the night. - Wolf in a Suit

"Indie-pop duo KiSMiT premier “Cosmic Love” video"

Indie-pop duo KiSMiT made -up of California native Carly Barnette and Cape Town native Baz King, present us with visuals for their latest single “Cosmic Love.” The vivacious video follows two soul mates who travel the cosmos only to find that they’ve found home within each other. The effervescent pop single expertly blends elements of funk and R&B throughout, making the perfect addition to the summer season. - Elite Muzik


Introducing Los Angeles-based indie pop duo KISMIT comprised of Carly Barnette (vocals) and Basti Reunert (vocals/guitar) whose mutual love of soul, dance pop, and funk blends together in a complimentary way. Today they have unveiled the video to their debut single "Cosmic Love". A song of pure energy and fun, it's a great track that you'll want to turn up and hear more then once. Check out the unapologetically fun video for "Cosmic Love" - Musical Heartbeat

"KiSMiT Drops Energetic New Song “Cosmic Love”"

Los Angeles, California pop duo KiSMiT has dropped their new single “Cosmic Love,” with Impose Magazine calling it “three minutes of pure fun and energy.” - Listen Here Reviews

"Daily Dig: KiSMiT"

KiSMiT are an Indie Pop duo compromising of both Carly Barnette & Sebastian Reunert. The material currently out there has me anticipating more outstanding originals in the future. Barnette comes all the way from California whilst Reunert comes all the way from Cape Town. Their paths crossed at a songwriting class at Boston’s Berklee College of Music late 2013 and from that moment Carly & The King were born. They then embarked on a two-year adventure around the world – performing on the Celebrity Cruise Lines through Northern Europe, The British Isles and the Caribbean.
A Carly & The King original appears on the KiSMiT Soundcloud page and this coming in the shape of Eternity. I’ve listened to this number multiple times and both Carly’s and Sebastian’s vocals blended together perfectly, creating something so relaxing at the same time. Reunert’s chilled out vocal tones had me picturing Jack Johnson.
Now based in Los Angeles, this dazzling duo then renamed themselves to KiSMiT and from what I’ve heard they have a bright future ahead of them. At this moment in time they’ve only unveiled two singles the first being The Giving Tree. Having come out on 2nd December 2016 this sumptuous song rendered me speechless. Now The Giving Tree was smothered in plenty of soulful goodness and Carly’s spine tingling vocals were at the forefront. I found this number to be incredibly chilled out and at the same time I was reminded of the likes of Lianne La Havas and Emeli Sande.

30th June saw KiSMiT unleash their brand new single and this being Cosmic Love. Here is what they had to say regarding this release “This single reflects the ups and downs, the light and dark and all the magic and mundane parts that make up of love. Our remedy to remain sane is in knowing that all we have control over is commitment to the ride”. Now Cosmic Love is an upbeat disco tinged cut which can quite easily have you grooving on the spot. Carly wrote this glorious song with Baz King and the result being a feel good infectious jam. This sumptuous song can quite easily give you that sugar rush. - Music is My Radar

"A carefree indie pop song filled with feel-good frequencies."

"With its soulful vocals and catchy chorus, “Cosmic Love” adopts a timeless quality that makes me certain that the track could be a hit in any era: from the ’80s to 2017." - C. Allen - Texx and the City

"Cosmic Love Video Review"

"The effervescent pop single expertly blends elements of funk and R&B throughout, making the perfect addition to the summer season." - GEMS & SECRETS


The Giving Tree
Cosmic Love



KiSMiT struck as a wanderer from Cape Town and an effervescent Californian crossed paths
in a songwriting class at Berklee College of Music. It was wanderlust to strike next as KiSMiT
(then 'Carly & the King’) performed and cruised for two years through Northern Europe, The
British Isles and the Caribbean. 

Anchor has been set in Silver Lake, California where this indie-
pop band can be seen and heard blending their inspirations of Florence + the Machine’s
soaring melodies with Vulfpeck’s funk, Fleetwood Mac’s harmonies and Kimbra’s futurism into
a sonic ball of vitality. The Viper Room, Hotel Café and the House of Blues are a few venues to
have hosted KiSMiT’s shows. 

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