Kiss for Goodbye

Kiss for Goodbye

 Centurion, Gauteng, ZAF

Kiss for Goodbye have a real passion and dedication for there music, and just enjoying their journey as a band. They have a feel-good and up-beat sound to their music, with lyrics that everyone can relate to. They are dedicated to keep their fan base alive, as the fans are the most important to them


This four piece wonder started in early 2009 with front man Morné and lead guitarist Hannes. Shortly after finding there bass player, Chad, through Debbie Lonman, from the band “Little Sister”. About nine months and two drummers later they finally found the right man for the job, Philip on drums, who had the same passion and dedication for music as they did and thus “Kiss for Goodbye” was formed.

They are all about the dedication, determination and passion for their music and just having a good time all-round. They started off by making a name for themselves in the local music scene around Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg. Having recorded their first demo at One Big Room Studios, winning a Battle of the Bands contest and working with young and upcoming artist, Axene, as well as performing with well-known Afrikaans Bands like "Die Tuin Dwergies" and "Alleen Na Desember". They are well on their way to becoming respected within the music industry.

Kiss for Goodbye have a feel-good and up-beat sound to their music and convey a message of optimism. Their lyrics are written from personal experiences that everyone can relate to. They have a constantly growing fan base, which they strive to keep entertained with live performances, web updates and video journals.

Kiss for Goodbye are well on the rise in the music industry, constantly improving in all aspects of their music and performance. With all there dedication, determination and passion, why not?


Are currently recording their first album "Kensington & Queens".
Which will be released in December 2010.

Set List

2 micro phones,
Standard 5 piece drum kit, Zildjian cybols: med. crash, large ride, med. hat,
2 standard 100w Marshell guitar amps, with foot switch,
100w BA - 115 Ampeg bass amp.

Lead Vocals center stage with lead guitarist on his left.
Bassist on left side of drummer.