Kissing Party

Kissing Party

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Kissing Party is a band that is difficult to define. They have been compared to The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian and the Vaselines; but none of these comparisons accurately capture Kissing Party's sound. MIDWEST RECORD says: imagine "The Cardigans produced by the Ramones."


Kissing Party originated as a one-piece art project by Gregg Dolan (originally from Warren, Ohio) while attending a private art school in upstate Connecticut. Fueled by their love of psychedelic drugs and Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices, Gregg fast became friends with fellow Ohio native Joe Hansen who was studying kinesthetic sculpture. The two formed the first incarnation of The Kissing Party playing local art galleries and house parties.
After dropping out of art school, the two decided to take their show West to Colorado in 2006. With no real plan, two guitars and close to broke, they lived their first Denver months squatting and sleeping on couches, randomly meeting their future drummer Shane Reid at a warehouse show. Friend of a friend Deirdre Sage was added shortly after based on Gregg’s intuition that she might “sound cool.” The four started The Kissing Party later to be shortened to “Kissing Party.” Through a handful underground CD’s, mix tapes, and several bassists, the foursome attracted the attention of bassist Lee Evans, formerly of the experimental noise band The Assdroids, to cement the final lineup of Kissing Party.
The bands first proper release, 2007 Rediscover Lovers, gained local praise from critics and audiences alike and earned them the 3rd best album of the year from The Denver Post music columnist Ricardo Baca. In 2009 Kissing Party entered the studio to produce their most recent record The Hate Album. Consisting of what calls, “fifteen succinct, direct, and totally infectious simple guitar-driven pop tracks that stick in the mind like glue,” Kissing Party has started to garner national attention, getting notice from such publications as, rave reviews from Skope Magazine and receiving airplay from radio stations such as KEXP Seattle. Indie-bloggers Three Imaginary Girls best summed up the album as music “to infuse our sunny days with coy refrains and enough jingle jangles for a sunset beach dance party.”


Self Titled ( 2006 )
Hold Your Hour and Have Another ( 2007 )
All Your Beds E.P. ( 2007 )
Rediscover Lovers ( 2008 )
The Hate Album ( 2009 )
Wasters Wall ( anticipated release 2011 )