Kissing Potion

Kissing Potion

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Dirty, gritty, smooth, long as it's FUNKY.


Kissing Potion is an almost all-female funk group that brings funk & soul to life with a smooth, sultry singer, a full horn section that creates new meaning for the phrase "FUNK YOU!", and a rhythm section whose groove will move you from your soul down to your toes!

The original concept of Kissing Potion was a ten member strong, all-female funk group, but... then we met a few folks of the male-persuasion and couldn't resist asking them to join our lady-laden lair of FUNK.

The ladies and gents of Kissing Potion hail from all corners of the US - the Deep South, NY, NJ, Philly, the Midwest, and the Emerald City. These diverse musical backgrounds support the unique sound that IS Kissing Potion: Dirty, gritty, smooth, long as it's FUNKY.

Joy Davenport - Vocals

Amelia Albert - Baritone Sax

Bob Lovelace - Bass

Chris Selinger - Trumpet

Kyla Gibson - Keys

Kathy Moore - Guitar

Leo LeBlanc - Drums

Michalynn Kidd - Percussion

Scott Frank - Alto Sax


Self-titled independently published album, release date Mar27, 2012

Set List

Set List

Gimme Love
So Funky Make the Blues Go Away
Save Me In the Morning
I'll Make You Mine
Terrify Me
Big Mouth
I'm The One Who Wants You
Hooks (She's Got Her)
Get On The Bus
Love Song in Reverse

Sampling of songs we cover:
Cut Me In (Orig. Chosen Few)
Come In Out of the Rain (Orig. Parliament)
Too Much (Orig. Sweet Vandals)
Got A Thing On My Mind (Orig. Sharon Jones)
Do Your Thing (Isaac Hayes)
Your Mama Wants You Back (Orig. Betty Davis)
Who Knows Who (Orgone)
+ many more

Kissing Potion has enough material to easily alter their set lengths to the requirements of any venue or festival.