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"Indie Noise"

And if you thought that only the East and West coasts were where the good music came from then think again. You know, Nashville, Tenn isn’t just home to country music. This city where the music doesn’t stop is also home to alternative/pop rock band Kissing Robots.

We’ve been listening to the tracks from their EP “Misery” and it all sounds very familiar and retro-poprock in a way that we can’t quite put our finger on. Take a listen to their tracks “Misery” and “Little Miss Presley” and we’re sure you’ll understand what we mean.

Their songs are hook-laden and remind us a bit of The Pink Spiders. The guitar riffs are essential and subtle at once and create this interesting and mildly complex sounding progressions. Top that off with the lead vocals provided by Johnny K and you’ve got an interesting sound that just doesn’t want to quit.

There’s nothing about Kissing Robots that tips off the band’s Nashville roots and we have a feeling they like it that way. Being in the heart of country music is just part of a series of unfortunate events.

If you dig The Killers you’ll like Kissing Robots. If you like The Pink Spiders, you’re gonna like Kissing Robots. Pay attention to “Cowboy Killers” and “Surrender” and we promise you’ll be a fan. - Blog of Sound


Misery EP (available at



Where do you begin with a story? I guess the usual answer is at the beginning... so here goes.

Kissing Robots was born at a very young age... just kidding. I won't be that silly. Kissing Robots began with a vision in 2007 as a way to rock the faces of music fans who were tired of the same old MTV buzz. It began as the brain child of Johnny K, a yankee living in the City of Music. At least that's what most people call Nashville.
Johnny moved to Nashville after graduating high school to chase that ever elusive Rock and Roll dream. It took a while to find the pieces and perfect the vision. After all, they call it Music City, so you'd think it would be a little easier to find some musicians who "get it". Sadly this is not the case.
After a few years of writing on his own, Johnny teamed up with another songwriter Wess Floyd to help him start his band The Daisycutters. It was a much needed collaboration and ultimately fueled the creation of Kissing Robots, but I'm getting to that. Johnny spent a year playing guitar with The Daisycutters and traveling about the land, and it was just enough to make him ravenously hungry for more. So he departed the company of his mates in The Daisycutters to start what may well be the cause of the End Of The World! KISSING ROBOTS!!!

So here he was, all alone again with nothing but a dream of world domination, just like that guy in that movie (vague enough for ya?) About this time, Johnny's brother Mikey was just moving to Nashville, fresh from the Homeland and fueled with stories of glory to be found in a foreign land. (Mikey reads alot of sci-fi... actually so does Johnny, maybe that's where the Robots came from, I think we all know where the Kissing came from...)
Mikey just happened to play the drums like a wild member of Ender's jeesh at Battle School (again an obscure sci-fi reference, but there's a movie coming out for all of you who can't read so good). Johnny quickly enlisted his little brother's help and Kissing Robots was formed!
...uh, wait... maybe I left some parts out.
Johnny and Mikey began trying out all sorts of bass and guitar players to fill up the noise that was constantly blaring inside Johnny's head. Let me tell you... there are a lot of weirdos out there who think they can play music. One time, this one guy, dressed up in a bunny suit showed up at the rehearsal space with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a girl named Moxy, he said his name was Bugs and he was the one... long story short, we kept the girl and the Jack... but girls and bottles run out so quickly. Alas, back to our story.

As the Brothers Kowalsky were finding their way with the "is this guy gonna kill us in our sleep for the three dollars we have between the two of us" try-outs, a young lad from a far away land had just arrived from, well, a far away land (I guess technically, North Carolina isn't that far away, but it is if your walking, which he was! okay not really, but he could have if he wanted to).
This young lads name was Justin Blair, but we just called him Gay... just kidding, I'll probably leave that part out in the editing. *Evil Grin*
Much to Johnny's delight a friend was soon made and better still, he had finally found someone who understood what it takes to kiss a robot. (let's just say it can be messy... oil everywhere, again, off track).
So with Justin on guitar, there was but one piece missing, which brings us to our climax.

Johnny, Mikey, and Justin walk into a bar and there he is... (actually it didn't really happen like that, it was a pizza place, but a bar sounds cooler, don't you agree?) He was dating a friend of the band's, and was a former member of another band that Johnny had loved in his high school days, a relatively-known-only-to-some-people-band called Bleach. There was but one problem... he played guitar, not bass, so Johnny enlisted my help, and we re-programmed his hard drive, if you know what I mean... and that is how Brad Ford joined the band that causes the world to end.

And this... this is how babies are made!