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"Rolling Stone Breaking Bands"

The Band: Kiss Me at the Gate
The Buzz: Spry, female-fronted indie band craft sugary, breakneck songs with big hooks.
Listen If: You can name the last three Juliana Hatfield records or often find yourself arguing that the second Belly album is underrated.
Key Track: "Come On," where pouty vocalist Claire Cormany begs "Come on, come on, the water's warm / And I don't want to swim alone" as guitars turn dizzying loop-de-loops behind her. - The Rolling Stone New Music Blog

"Alternative Press Blog Review"

Forgive me for my ignorance, but I had absolutely no idea there was a rock scene in Birmingham, Alabama. (Call it Northerner's Ignorance.) Female-fronted four-piece Kiss Me At The Gate put out their debut album this past October on Superphonic Records. It's an exciting blend of Eisley-esque atmospheric pop with an indie-punk edge reminiscent of the Rocking Horse Winner or Pohgoh. - Alternative Press Magazine Blog

"Washington Post - Tuning In to Birmingham"

...Seven local bands were performing, surrounded by peach-cheeked kids drinking soda and sitting respectfully in folding chairs before the stage. I couldn't help comparing the bands to other established performers: Kiss Me at the Gate was a cross between the Sundays and Juliana Hatfield...but overall, the groups were original, not derivative, and so earnest and pure. - The Washington Post

"City Stages Review"

The music is poppy, upbeat, pleasantly alternative (as opposed to every other band today that labels themselves alternative). The vocals avoid the grating indie chick voice trap that so many women seem to present, and in fact helps focus the songs around some really strong lyrics. You may have caught them recently at Workplay or the Nick, or on Reg's Coffeehouse, and don't be surprised if these guys aren't the next to transcend the local band label in Birmingham. - Birmingham Weekly June 2006

"The Must-have CDs of 2006"

Claire Cormany's sweet voice soars over an alt-rock backdrop with songs that seem to reach right inside your head and pluck out your feelings, crafting them into something more coherent and poetic. - The Birmingham News


Chords of Relief- a CD to benefit the Katrina disaster 2005
Tape and Scissors LP 2008
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Formed in the summer of 2003, Kiss Me at the Gate specializes in lyrical indie rock. The set takes the listener on a dynamic ride ranging from aggressive, insistent pieces to introspective ballads. The goal is emotional connection with threads of hope woven throughout the lyrics. Musical influences for each band member are dramatically different, resulting in fresh and original collaborative efforts. Typically the skeleton of the song is worked out by Cormany with melodies and structure composed before presenting it to the other members for development and arrangement. Layers are added to create immaculate pop masterpieces. Kiss Me at the Gate is modern pop at its finest: powerful, catchy and best of all, absolutely charming.