KISSNATION: NYC's TRIBUTE to KISS! Based out of New York City, the same city that brought the world KISS, KISSNATION has been on the tribute scene for nearly a decade. Having worked with KISS officially on several occasions, KISSNATION is the FULL recreated KISS experience. As seen on VH1.


"There's only ONE NATION,... that's KISSNATION!"
-Paul Stanley of KISS, 1996 MTV Awards

"These guys have the right spirit and the right detail. I flew in from Vegas just for this."
Paul Stanley of KISS

"This was great!"
Gene Simmons of KISS

"I haven't seen many of the current contenders lately, but I'd have to say that KISSNATION will blow the doors off the house."
Tommy Thayer of KISS

"...KISSNATION are a very curious prospect,..."
The Village Voice, NYC

"See KISSNATION, because It's more convincing seeing young guys playing young KISS, than old KISS playing young KISS"
The Aquarian, NJ

"We watched intently as the band rocked out and spit blood. Fans banged their heads and lip synched the words to every song..."
Shout Magazine, NYC


KISSNATION is one of the world's most renowned KISS tribute bands.

We have worked with the KISS camp on many projects, including KISS toy lines and promotions, such as the KISS Box Set, Gene Simmons autobiography & Tongue magazine, as well as working closely with Silvertone guitars in promoting their Paul Stanley guitar line.

VH1 filmed a documentary on the band entitled Mock Rock in which the VH1 cameras followed the band in and out of the KISS world, leading up to the band playing a show for Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer & Doc McGhee.

KISSNATION is the perfect band for fundraisers, promotions, film & TV extras, private parties and live concerts.

How do we DIFFER from other KISS tribute bands?

We appreciate the fact that there are plenty of KISS tribute acts, so we choose to separate ourselves by wearing costumes that aren't so typical and are different from any of the usual tribute bands out there, performing KISS music of not only the 70's but also the 80's and 90's. We perform any KISS song of any era, regardless if it's from the "Make-up" or "Non Make-up" years.

It's our very own way of celebrating the band we love, and sharing and performing the music with KISS fans all over,.. who like us,... are one big KISSNATION.

Welcome,.. and thank you for visiting us online,....

Set List

The KISSNATION show is a full recreation of a KISS concert from start to finish, at 90-120 minutes in length. In full costume and regalia, KISSNATION's set will consist of music from not only the 70's, but also the 80's and 90's, paying tribute to KISS's thirty plus year career.