Kiss The Cop

Kiss The Cop


A Very Jazz Based Post Hardcore Three Piece...Think Black Sabbath Meets Old Incubus Meets Panic At The Disco.


Formed in the fall of 2003, KISS THE COP wasted no time in writing a blistering set and exploding onto the local music scene. They quickly established a strong following of loyal fans, and developed a reputation for being a reliable, professional hard rock band.
Their live show...nothing but pure intensity and passion. A performance straight from the heart that is undeniable and honest. KISS THE COP shows no signs of slowing down and feel as though they've only begun.
Each member plays an important role in the composition of the band's music, attitude, and chemistry. Kiss The Cop Is A Band And Not Three Individuals And The Music Reflects It
For Fans Of Glassjaw, Poison The Well, Thursday, Thunderbirds Are Now, Black Sabbath, Yanni, Debbie Reynolds, Deftones, Ray Charles, The Dixie Chicks, System Of A Down, Led Zepplin and the Teletubbies...You Will Love Kiss The Cop.


A Quiet Walk With Dark

Written By: Jake Figallo

The disappearances are being defined
Only the equals will see the gleaming difference in me
Well, this must be deserved
Because I can not seem to stretch how far this secret falls
Well, I beg to hear you say to me that his breath is ours
Ours to share
This must be deserved
Ours to share
All will see gravity failing me

Fiji Blowback

Written By: Jake Figallo

Just another symbol for a canabal
Another lackluster exscuse to re-digest this
It goes to show I love the shade of my entrails
Snack time-Delight-Tonight
Fun people eat me for fun
People eat me for fun
I love the shade of my entrail scattered on the dance floor
Just another symbol for a canabal
Another dingy exscuse to re-digest all of this
I love the shade of my entrails
Scattered on the dance floor in no particular order
The easy way to kill the pain is one last breath away
Fun people eat me
Here it comes...
Just one more
I love the shade of my entrails on
The dance floor


"A Tasteful Disgrace" was released in December of 2005 to a huge responce. Over 1500 copies of the E.P. Have been sold and we have recieved radio spins on WCPR, KSLU, Indie104LA, The Unsigned Channel on Sirus Radio and have been featured on many online radio stations.

Set List

We have a 45 min long set.

Most of the set is originals, from time to time we cover Enjoy The Silence from Depeshe Mode if we need to make the set longer.