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"All ages shows are back by Justin Hooks"

Ladies and gentlemen, the all-ages scene along the Coast has risen from the ashes. WE ARE BACK. Last Sunday, local staples Kiss The Cop and Arjuna teamed up with local legends Atomship to play to a packed house at the VFW Hall on Dedeaux Road in Gulfport. The turnout was historic, and I think many people were more in awe of the high turnout than they were the actual bands.

It was ridiculously awesome. The line to get in was out the door and across the street and across and around the field and it was so wonderful to see almost a thousand of our people show up and support all the bands.

Arjuna played first, and I think they should just move to the Coast and get it over with. They are so well received every time they cross the state line from Louisiana and NEVER dissapoint with their shows. We should adopt them. Oh, wait. I think we already have.

Kiss The Cop took the stage next. Joey Culver of Atomship told me in an interview last week that "with the way these guys are blowing up, they're not going to be a local band for much longer." Take the hint, people. GO SEE EVERY SINGLE SHOW YOU CAN. With each passing minute, these three boys are getting better and better. Even in the few minutes it's taken me to write these few sentances, they've written and perfected a new song. Who needs TOOL anyway?

Finally, Atomship took the stage. There was much crowd surfing and moshing and smoke and ROCK!!! I really felt honored to know these guys in the limited capacity that I do. They are in the process of writing a new album, and treated the hundreds in attendance to some of their new material that nobody had ever heard before. My personal favorite; a cover of "White Rabitt" by Jefferson Airplane with their signature twist. They vacillated on whether or not it would be on the album. I say we start a petition. Atomship, if you're listening, please put it on the album.

If you couldn't make it out to this show, you have my sincere condolences. It truly was a show that will be talked about for some time to come. Thankfully, no fire codes were broken. Fatguy and his security staff did a stellar job of keeping the peace and are to be given "mad ups" for their effort.

This scene needs more shows like this, bitches. If you hear of a show, and you don't have a car, call someone who does. If you're not working, come to the shows. If you are working, fake a stomach virus and come to the shows. However you have to do it, come to these shows. I don't care if Hank Plank and the Two By Fours are having a reunion show, COME TO THE SHOW. And when you're at the show, STAY. These bands feed off of you, and you feed off of them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that needs to be nurtured.

We saw what can happen last Sunday when dedicated people get the word out and street team a show. This can happen all the time. It only takes a little motivation and love. - Sun Hearld Newspaper (Knight Ridder)

"A Tasteful Disgrace Review"

--There’s something to be said for musicians diversifying themselves. A guitarist might play his whole life never knowing he was a phenomenal drummer. A bassist might pluck away forever and never know his band would open for Drowning Pool a mere two months after stepping behind the microphone to sing.
--Such is the case with Biloxi-based Kiss The Cop (Jake Figallo/vox, bass; Justin Boggs/drums; Sam Preston/guitar). These three lads are to the South Mississippi music scene what the Decepticons were to the 1980’s toy scene: manna from heaven.
--They have an ability to interchange their roles in the middle of a song that belies their young age. Figallo’s vocal talents, nascent until two months ago, conjure memories of a young Maynard James Keenan. Yea, that’s right. I said it.
--Their most recent effort, “A Tasteful Disgrace”, really sucks, but only because it has a mere six tracks. Don’t they understand that good things need to come in unbelievably large doses? I was pleasantly surprised by much of this album, but the thing that really caught me was Preston’s axe work. That man knows his way around a fretboard, and it makes me sad that he’s not headlining Buddakhan already.
--Case in point, “A Quiet Walk With Dark”. Preston and Boggs waste no time setting the mood of the song or making sure the listener’s ass is kicked once Figallo proclaims, “all will see gravity failing me.” Hey Jake, don’t worry; it fails all of us shortly thereafter. Preston makes sure of that. Adam Jones should call this guy to fill in sometime so he can go make more weird clay muppet people.
--The opening track, “Green Mimes” is musical democracy in action. Figallo pretty much channels Keenan from 43 seconds in, through the rest of the album. His voice was rather therapeutic for me. With lyrics like “And nothing will bury you like the waves” and “We learn or drown and I remember when we were going to see each other dead at the bottom”, I got a chance to deal with some dormant Katrina bullshit. Thanks, Jake.
--This is not to say that Kiss The Cop are all trippy and psychadelic. They bring the pain with “Fiji Blowback”, what I surmise as Figallo’s attempt to bleed his little rocker heart out on how hard it is to be a rockstar. I don’t know. I was too busy moshing with myself to really pay attention. This song is really nothing more than a demo tape for Bogg’s drumming ability and Figallo’s bass skills. Pretty high quality stuff.
--The album as a whole is a fine effort for three guys barely old enough to drink. I highly recommend “A Tasteful Disgrace” if you’re one of those people who feels that rock and roll is at its best when it’s being serious. Sorta. -

"Kiss the Cop "A Quiet Walk With Dark" Review"

I had no expectations when hitting play, which is really the best state to be in when reviewing. You aren't given any artist page, but a link to music. Great. And "A quiet walk with dark", as I am sure the title is supposed to be, was a surprise indeed. It is a dark, but beautiful piece, played out in heavy guitars, a lot of dark atmosphere, and a great vocal. The song sounds like it is the one missing from the Max Payne soundtrack, because this is great stuff! The song feels in many ways perfect for its genre, and it is by far one of the best songs I've heard this year (2006.) I can only say to the artist: The best to to you, and keep up the great work. To you other mortals reading: Highly recommended. Masterpiece.
- Christian Lowensprung


"A Tasteful Disgrace" was released in December of 2005 to a huge responce. Over 1500 copies of the E.P. Have been sold and we have recieved radio spins on WCPR, KSLU, Indie104LA, The Unsigned Channel on Sirus Radio and have been featured on many online radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in the fall of 2003, KISS THE COP wasted no time in writing a blistering set and exploding onto the local music scene. They quickly established a strong following of loyal fans, and developed a reputation for being a reliable, professional hard rock band.
Their live show...nothing but pure intensity and passion. A performance straight from the heart that is undeniable and honest. KISS THE COP shows no signs of slowing down and feel as though they've only begun.
Each member plays an important role in the composition of the band's music, attitude, and chemistry. Kiss The Cop Is A Band And Not Three Individuals And The Music Reflects It
For Fans Of Glassjaw, Poison The Well, Thursday, Thunderbirds Are Now, Black Sabbath, Yanni, Debbie Reynolds, Deftones, Ray Charles, The Dixie Chicks, System Of A Down, Led Zepplin and the Teletubbies...You Will Love Kiss The Cop.