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Kiss the Girl

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"San Francisco Weekly"

Unabashedly sexy. Fresh and irresistable in spite of
similarities to songs on the top 40 list, Kiss the Girl works
the music the same way the band works a crowd - with
verve and charisma. - Amber Adrian

"Performer Magazine"

Of course pop has been reborn time and time again, but Kiss the
Girl isn't just another resurrection - they're a new, fresh thing.
- Susan Derby


I frankly can't explain why Kiss the Girl isn't on a major label...Nicely
written, well-produced, energetically performed...I expect them to be huge one day, and more power to them. - John Scalzi


Touch (2006)
Kiss the Girl Album (2002)
Say Goodbye to the 20th Century (2000)



Kiss the Girl's new rock album, "Touch," is a celebration of feeling and being alive, with songs conveying both power and vulnerability: "my friends are nowhere/it may not be fair/but you can only suck it up and live it…I, I, I feel so alive!" (Alive)

"Unabashedly sexy…fresh and irresistible" (SF Weekly), Kiss the Girl's music will move you. You'll experience rock with a touch of old R&B/soul and electronica: Passionate Rock meets the Urban Underground. Emotionally raw and sexy, and intellectually stimulating, it's the thinking person's sexy rock music.

Songwriter Szeles (saylesh) writes about love and loss sincerely, as someone who's still willing to keep an open heart and experience it again rather than hide in cynical cool. Remaining genuinely romantic, the songs offer no easy answers, but instead find meaning in mystery and a lust for life. "Let me take you for a spin/maybe we will sink or sin." (Ride)

Longing often builds to feverish crescendos: "Ah, don't set me free/I won't let it be/I would walk through hell or fire or fear to turn you on." (To Turn You On) But in the midst of the drama, you'll find unexpected and subtle irony and humor: "You sigh and say you're too drunk to care/give me three bad days and I'll meet you there." (You're My Child)

Kiss the Girl honestly explores the feelings and motivations that make us human.

"Kiss the Girl isn't just another (pop) resurrection; they're a new fresh thing." (Performer Magazine)