KISS THE SKY - The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience

KISS THE SKY - The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience

New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 1968 | INDIE

New York City, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1968
Band Rock Blues Rock




"Jimy Bleu (Kiss The Sky) BETTER THAN HENDRIX?"

Article clip:

Seeing Bleu transform into Hendrix is something that needs to be seen in order to believe. From playing guitar behind his back to getting Hendrix’s mannerisms just right, the audience is transformed back to a time when people believed music could change the world. “Jimi tried to bring all races together, like a guru,” says Bleu. “We haven’t seen that since Bob Marley. They were using the music as a means to get their message across.” - Rock On Philly Mag Online

"ON STAGE (& ON A MISSION for a GUITAR GOD!) - Kiss The Sky"

Article Clip:

Kiss the Sky is the real deal.

Led by Jimy Bleu, who has the age and the experience to look and sound like Hendrix, Kiss the Sky does an amazingly great job of recreating a Hendrix concert – both with the Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Band of Gypsies.

Through meticulous-detailed reproductions in every aspect of look and sound in recreating Jimi Hendrix’s most classic concert and landmark stage show performances, Kiss The Sky presents the world’s most historically-accurate Jimi Hendrix tribute show ever. The band is fronted by Bleu, a virtuoso guitarist and former Columbia recording artist, and backed by a cast of world-class touring musicians from the NYC metro area.

Kiss the Sky is the only Hendrix tribute wearing custom made 60’s wardrobes that Jimi and his bandmates actually wore at his most historic concerts and the only Hendrix tribute with stage sets of replica gear and backline rigs accurate to Jimi’s most classic concerts – stacks of Marshall amps, Ludwig drums, and Fender Stratocaster guitars. - Chester County Times


Article Clip:

“This is the way it (A Hendrix show) should be presented,” The show is done in segments or acts like a Broadway show. - The Daily Local

"WDRE TV Delaware Arts & Entertainment Report"

WDRE TV Delaware Arts & Entertainment Report - WDRE TV

"TV Commercial for 'The World's Greatest Tribute Bands'"

TV Commercial for 'The World's Greatest Tribute Bands' - Axs TV

"Fan reviews"

Video-Fan reviews after 'The World's Greatest Tribute Bands' 11/16/16 - AXS TV

"WPLW Pawling Public Radio"

-Interview with Jimy Bleu on WPLW Pawling Public Radio - WPLW Pawling Public Radio

"Deeper Digs in Rock/Rock N Roll Archeology Project"

Hour long interview with Bleu on podcast Deeper Digs in Rock/Rock N Roll Archeology Project hosted by Christian Swain: - Christian Swain

"Vegas News"

Vegas News - Vinyl @ Hard Rock Cafe LV

"Buddy Guys Legends"

Buddy Guy's Blues News - Buddy Guys Legends

"Dover post"

Dover Post - Dover Post

"Daryls House Club"

“What a fantastic show! Beyond what you would expect. They really thought it through and delivered much more than a tribute show…… I learned about the life and phases of Hendrix while they masterfully & passionately played our favorite Hendrix songs in the periods of his short life.” - Peter Moshay Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer / Daryl’s House Club - Peter Moshay

"Worlds Greatest Tribute Band AXS TV"

Kiss The Sky is spectacular! So often with tribute bands people say close your eyes, they sound just like them, but with Kiss The Sky you MUST keep your eyes open because the guitar playing, vintage gear, costumes and stage presence of the band is so very precise and out of this world your jaw will drop!" - Katie Daryl Host and Executive Producer "'The World's Greatest Tribute Bands' on AXS-TV - Katie Daryl

"Rolling Stone Magazine"

"Yes, believe the hype. This show lives up to it!"
Rolling Stone Concert Review
NYC, NY - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Never Say Magazine NYC"

Loyal to Hendrix in every way: Playing Style, Guitar tone, Vocals & Stage Presence. As Accurate as possible imitating the most iconic guitar player of the 20th Century!"
Brian Del Guercio
NEAR SAY MAG – NYC - Brian Del Guercio Never Say Magazine NYC

"Cafe Wha?"

"A perfect tribute to Jimi… at the place where he was discovered."
Hap Pardo
Greenich Village, NYC - Hap Pardo

"Huffington Post"

"They had the effect of recreating songs and feelings the audience has had for years. Exceptionally talented! In the absence of Hendrix himself, the next best thing is to catch this band live!"
Craig Carpenter
National Media - Craig Carpenter

"Living Large Fest Magazine"

"You could have sworn they were playing the record. Authentic look and sound of HENDRIX! A huge success!"
Rob Sankey,
Philadelphia, PA - Robert Sankey

"Hendrix Percussionist & Woodstock Bandmate"

"The world knows Jimi Hendrix was in a league of his own and there is no better band that captures the essential Hendrix legacy or a more exact tribute to Jimi than Kiss the Sky! This is my only endorsement of any tribute band and believe me I only give it because I can picture my friend Jimi himself smiling down with approval."
Gerardo Velez, Founding member of Spyro Gyra and Hendrix percussionist & Woodstock bandmate with the Gypsy Sun and Rainbows - Gerardo Velez

"Woodstock NY"

"It wouldn't have been WOODSTOCK without 'THIS' Hendrix"
Woodstock 25th Anniversary Concert Promotor - 1994
Woodstock, NY - Concert Promoter for Woodstock 25th Anniversary

"Summer of Love festival NJ"

"Closest show to Jimi Hendrix you will find since Jimi himself in the 1960's."
Don Oriolo, Director
NJ State Fairgrounds - Don Oriolo

"Guitar Viruoso"

"Jimy Bleu definitely has got Jimi Hendrix down more than anyone I've come across!"
Guitar Virtuoso, Pat Travers - 2015 - Pat Travers

"Billy Cox Hendrix Bassist with Band of Gypsys"

"Jimy Bleu is the real deal. A Jimi Hendrix aficionado"
BILLY COX, Hendrix Bassist and bandmate with BAND OF GYPSYS - 2015 - Billy Cox Hendrix Bassist and Bandmate

"Villige Voice"

"Bringing music history to life"
The Village Voice
Greenich Village, NYC - Village Voice NYC

"Paying Tribute to Psychedelic Icons"

"Uncanny (resemblance)! Flawless performance of Hendrix music and mastering of his iconic moves!" - Lauren Silvestri - ROCK ON PHILLY


Still working on that hot first release.



KISS THE SKY! - The Definitive Jimi Hendrix Tribute! Through meticulous detailed re-productions in every aspect of look and sound in re-creating Jimi Hendrix’s most classic concerts & landmark stage show performances, KISS THE SKY is boldly presenting the world’s most historically accurate Jimi Hendrix tribute show EVER!

KTS is fronted by virtuoso guitarist and former Columbia recording artist, Jimy Bleu, and backed by a cast of world-class touring musicians from the NYC metro area whose combined resumes are astonishing; recording and performing with major music stars such as: Pearl Jam, Aretha Franklin, LL Cool J, Teddy Pendergrass, James Cotton, John Mayall, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga and more. KTS musicians are so 'EXPERIENCED' that all 3 of Jimi's remaining former bandmates and living legends (Billy Cox, Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez) have each played on stage along side KTS performers. Most especially, Jimy Bleu, is the longest running Jimi tribute specialist in the world and even tours with former Hendrix Bassist, Billy Cox and his Band of Gypsys Experience.

KISS THE SKY is A full-out musical tribute show sensation... encompassing Jimi's entire career in detailed fashion. 
Playing such hits as: FIRE, HEY JOE, FOXEY LADY, VOODOO CHILD, PURPLE HAZE, MACHINE GUN, LITTLE WING, WATCHTOWER, and more ...while RE-Creating Jimi's most iconic concert sets from MONTEREY POP, BAND OF GYPSYS and WOODSTOCK...with 60's ERA replica wardrobe and musical gear completely accurate to the original... gives audiences of today a glimpse of what it was like to have seen Jimi Hendrix at the peaks of his career. 

KISS THE SKY is the musical and visual event that is hands down the most historically accurate and authentic Hendrix-tribute show ever!

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