Kit and Tim

Kit and Tim


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Kit Soden and Tim Townsend fuse styles and ideas to form a refreshing blend of funk, folk, jazz, reggae, and eastern influenced music.
Playing principally as a guitar duo, with vocal harmonies, they also perform as KAEJEMA, which is a live improvisation oriented extension of their music, in the form of a instrumental groove band.

Kit and Tim have always approached music with open minds, and have played with many different styles of musicians. They performed at the Vancouver Jazz Festival for three years in a row, toured Canada, and played regular shows in Vancouver, Whistler and the nearby Sunshine Coast . Their sound has appeal for everyone, regardless of age group or musical taste. Their performances as a duo or with the band are always described by the audience as fun, uplifting, entertaining and creative.



Written By: Kit Soden

..and my eyes fell into swing
with the moving meetings,
interlaced behind
the texture of events,
happening between
the delicate curves
of these different moments.

seem to find insights
along a simple path,
the lessons in between
have shown more than can be told,
so I do have a feeling
that we share more than we know,
and i look for the many meanings
in the exchanges of our greetings,
and i hope that we leaning towards the middle,
‘cuz the riddle is the focus
and forgiveness is the freedom.

Little Wooden Bowl

Written By: Tim Townsend

I have a little wooden bowl,
That’s where i keep my mind
i don't have to worry
as long as it's empty
sometimes i keep my herbs there
that's when my head is full of clouds
And laugh ,and point our fingers
Or lie there on the ground
we have big smiles, painted on our masks!
So we can make you think ,we're happy
we can pretend ,to be like stone

And Somewhere in the middle,
of this dream.
My friends wandered off,
To an enchanted house,
While you and me …
Sat tranquil in the orchard.
So beautiful ,the fruit to be
And You and me sat there laughing,
At How perfect ,
it all is,
When you just try to live…
What about the others ?
I don’t remember ,
if they ever, made it ,back
Well , I spend sometime,
Sometimes lying on my back
Pondering the layers…
The layers of expression
On the angels faces ,
as they spend their time
Indefinitely ,
Suspending my ceiling.
All ways! : }

Intricate Patience

Written By: Kit Soden

An orange room called my eye,
on a sideways glance
through a sliding door,
that was neither
present nor before…
yet always subtly
beading into the future.

With one eye leading,
and the other ones balancing,
what appears as more are the currents responding
with gestures of intricate patience.

There is a fire that is disguised,
and if you see
you still have time to rise.
there are desires to climbed,
and when you be, then you can see the line.

All the world can tell you,
that time is just the same,
yet inside you
all these things can and do
seem like games.

Without all our people troubles,
we could imagine that we're fine.
Yet the only dragon
that can really fool us,
is the one that's in our minds.

There is a fire that is disguised,
and if you see you still have time to rise.
there are desires to climbed,
and when you be, then you can see the line.


At the Moment - 2003
As It Is - (to be released August 2007)

Set List

We usually play songs from "at the moment" and a few from our new disc (to be released in summer of 2007). We play anywhere from half hour sets to an hour and a half. If we play longer sets then we add some instrumentals.
Little Wooden Bowl
Intricate Patience
Overpriced Water