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Salerno, Campania, Italy | INDIE

Salerno, Campania, Italy | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Canto per Orfeo"

...La musica si trasforma così nell’elemento narrativo, dettando e cadenzando i ritmi dell’azione scenica, e sottolineando i momenti salienti del dramma di Orfeo... - Blogfoolk

"...canta il suo Orfeo “mediterraneo”"

...Poco si distingue la dimensione terrena da quella infernale, i gesti sono ripuliti dal virtuosismo, le linee rotte, il ritmo incalzante. L’elemento caratterizzante é la scelta musicale. Infatti Bigonzetti non si aggrappa a nessuna tradizione ma mette in scena il suo Orfeo musico e cantore. E il trio Kitarodia – una fisarmonica, un organetto e un tamburello – accompagna l’intero dramma, incalzandolo e restituendone il pianto con la voce e il suono... - paroledidanza


Canto per Orfeo (2012)



... In the background of a frantic and desperate city where every day the tragedy of hunger and poverty and its poetry and cruelty stagger itself, a modern Orpheus offers itself to the ones who look at her, a city capable to turn her eternal bad luck in to wonderful poem.
Music weaves an upturned destiny of Orpehus with Napless soul, which fatally hurt, and the result is a precius embroidery of dark and melancholy feeling, made of deep voices like depths and unexpected explosions of life, full of hope and challenge. An extraordinary accordion, sweet and intense, enters into our body and we are suddenly fired into the soul of Orpheus, ready to face the journey and challenge death

KITARODIA project was born in 2011...Thanks to the demands of the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti , who wanted the Trio Kitarodia to compose the music for his recent choreography Canto per Orfeo*
*produced in colaboration with: Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Aterballetto & Festival Stimmen 2012 Lorrach (D).

Antongiulio Galeandro
He started his study of music at the age of 9, beginning with the piano, the synthesizer and keyboard, and later took up the flute to play Acid-Jazz and Bossa Nova. At the same time he began playing the diatonic button accordion, perfecting his technique through the study of traditional Balkan and Southern Italian music. In 1996 he began studying the piano accordion, marking the beginning of his musical journey and research.

His composing style, contemporary but with its roots in tradition, has led to collaborations with a large variety of artists and projects. Currently he is involved in the composition of soundtracks and the sounds and music for well-known choreographic projects. He is deeply involved in the Puglia musical scene, also on tour with Enza Pagliara and is one of the members of the Kitarodia trio.

Cristina Vetrone
She has played music since the age of 13, studying harp and piano before finally devoting herself to the diatonic button accordion and singing. Her artistic journey, encompassing both jazz and traditional music, combined with her earthy voice, both powerful and poignant, have increased demand for her performances both in Italy and abroad, where she works with the great names of popular music and jazz.

She has been involved in many projects as a soloist and a member of major groups of folk music. Currently she is a member of the all-women quartet Assurd" and the Kitarodia trio.

Lorella Monti
Her artistic career began with her interest in Southern Italian popular dance, particularly the "Tammurriata" (an old dance from Campania). It was not long however, before her contact with traditional culture stimulated her interest in singing. This move revealed her full-bodied, musical and sweet voice, typically Neapolitan in character (reflecting the expressiveness of women from the back-streets of Naples).

She used to sing and dance with prominent traditional musicians but now devotes all her efforts to the all-women quartet "Assurd" and the Kitarodia trio.