kiterunner blends disparate influences and methods. Classic influences and innovative, layered harmonies combine with effects and cool synth sounds. As a four-piece playing acoustic guitar, electric bass, cello, autoharp and electronic drums, kiterunner makes music at the intersection of everything.


The foundation of kiterunner is the imagination and drive of Ryan Peoples. One-time special-ed school teacher and psychology student, Ryan is now focused on his music full-time both as a musician and as a sound design grad student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He plays and writes music constantly and goes in the studio frequently to lay down new tracks, which he produces and mixes himself. Being a sound design student opens doors to experimentation with instrumentation and in the studio.

The music itself has both lush acoustic textures and driving electrics. Besnard Lakes meet The Shins. The Beach Boys meet The Kinks. Arcade Fire meet Joanna Newsom.

Ryan has assemled a band comprised of five members who have different musical backgrounds and influences. Jeremy, from Iowa, plays the bass and is the self-proclaimed king of "death-pop" in his project Pink Kodiak. Matt, who used to play with Hey Hey Melodica! and is from Indiana, rocks the cello. Rebekah co-writes the songs and plays the drum machines and rhythm accessories.

Bringing together all these sounds to create a strong and inventive sonic whole is where kiterunner makes magic.

kiterunner has played with The Winter Sounds, Elevado, Moresight, Coquette, Honey, Emily Easterly, Coby C., Night Moves, Pink Kodiak, Port City Music, King of Prussia, The Silent Years, Night Driving in Small Town, Grandpall Jookabox and Neva Geoffrey.


brown-haired girl, with bangs

Written By: Peoples/Goode-Peoples

peaceful wench, oh you made me promise
when we’re alone we are really something
bright and in love in the sky
but when you’re alone, monsters come out your closet

to haunt you on Sundays but you never take a Sabbath
from being miss beautiful and wondering why
you’re never happy you’re never just quite right
when is it gonna be, when is it gonna be ok?

I used to think you were lovely like my mother on a Friday
a prom picture, a perfectly mixed drink
those days couldn’t say hello to you
hello to you as you flew and fluttered by

now you’re on the other line calling me
needing a shoulder or at least a place to spend the night
some place we can let off some steam
because you know you can trust me

you’re so pink in the morning light
but I know I’m just dreaming
some day I’ll wake up
but you never will
But secretly I am grateful

she’s still dreaming
she’s still dreaming

dance like esther williams

Written By: Peoples/Goode-Peoples

Born to offend, you don’t know any other way
I tried to be your friend, you had to push the other way

Restless and alert to all the bad guys circling ‘round
You can’t get hurt, you are all but invincible

There’s nothing about you I don’t like
You got to believe that I don’t mind

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Follow all the clues, nobody ever hated you
You’ve tightened up your screws so tight that now you barely move

Just remember to ya-ho, and dive in the icy water
if you kick your legs, you’ll warm up quick and get your misses

feel your body end up screaming
the ocean will swallow you up whole jump on in with me

we’re all out here swimming
c’mon and join the circle
come on out with me
we’ll just float a little while
then you looked at us all for the first time
and now we dance like esther Williams

oh now it’s time to go to sleep

come see me tonight
come see me tonight

Set List

Brown-haired girl, with bangs
Esther Williams
I could be anyone
The dystroyer
Good Gardens
Girl with no hands
Pretty How Towns