Kit Kat

Kit Kat


We play a rock/pop style music. We have a very original sound with influences from many artists. The music appeals to all ages 7 to 50. The band is young ages 16 to 22. The band is lead by Kit Kat, a beautiful and talented 16 year old female vocalist/songwriter.


I'm am a 16 year old singer/songwriter. I started singing at age 5 just for fun in my car seat. At age 13 my parents realized there was more talent to be developed. I wrote the lyrics and melodies to my first 3 songs and co-produced them. I prefer to perform with a live band so my parents then decided to seek out some musicians. The band I have now is very supportive of me. I have since written quite a few more songs and co-produced them also. My style is my own, I do what I feel at the time. When you listen you will probably here some influences such as Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, Evanessance, Heart, Pink, Avril, Jewel, Paramore, Fly Leaf, AeroSmith.


I have about 10 originals recorded and about 15 songs we perform live. I have not realeased a cd yet, I am looking for a development deal from reputable record label.

Set List

Approx. 45 minutes, about 10 songs.

You belong with me
Don't Cry
Over it
Take it
This is me