Kit Nelson

Kit Nelson

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

Kit effortlessly tackles the issues of the world, whether with humor or seriousness with songs that lightly tap at the soul asking for entry and companionship. Her songs tell stories of her life, her loves, and her pain. Leaves it all on the table and then quietly departs to send you with it.


The music I play is a reflection of my heart, my sin, my love, my sadness, my mind.. I use a guitar and sometimes a piano to express these thoughts and twists words and phrases until they seem like they can contain these emotions.

My parents call me Kristi, but you can call me Kit.

I want to make you feel something.

Some artists who have inspired me:
Fiona Apple, Jesca Hoop, Jenny Lewis, Bjork, The Beatles, Tori Amos, Heart, Laura Marling, Jeff Buckley, Jon la Joie, The Shins Jolie Holland, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Eva Cassidy, Radiohead, Patsy Cline ... just to name a few....


You and the Yous

You and the Yous - Released September 2010
Mr. Right - 92.9 KISM radio NW
Me Angee and the Peppertree - 92.9 KISM radio NW
Dream Dream Dream - 92.9 KISM NW Radio
Dream Dream Dream - 89.3 KAOS Olympia WA Radio
Mr. Right - 89.3 KAOS Olympia WA Radio

Set List

Original Songs:
Me Angee and the Peppertree
Dream Dream Dream
Mr. Right
I Just Want a Pony
Waiting for a Sign
Waiting for My Ship
Mama Will You Bail Me Outta Jail
You Don't Know
What You Gonna Do?
Everybody's Dreaming
Little Blue World
Crazy World
Happy Believer