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Kitten and The Hip

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Colours of Ostrava"

Translated from Czech:

After a walk through architectural reliefs attracted miners on Saturday, trombonist Ashley Slater (& Band) at the air-conditioned NYC stage. Ex-half of the famous Dance Freak Power introduced the project, whose sound was crowned a great singer Scarlet Quinn. -

"Kitten and The Hip at Colours of Ostrava"

(Translated from Czech)

They performed here is Kitten and The Hip, who have even got the word hip in the job description. Ashley Slater is a phenomenal trombone player, but most people will know him more as "The Bald Guy" from funk megagroup Freak Power (Norman Cook with Slater (aka Fatboy Slim)) et al. leaving behind only three albums – which are still classics).

This time, he presented Kitten & the Hip – a clubby project with singer Scarlett (Kitten) Quinn. Slater was in the brass section complemented by Czech alto saxophonist and virtuoso Michael Jan Zacek, who also played soprano saxophone.

Beats powerfully echoed from the computer, and the winds raged. Kitten, even at an advanced stage of pregnancy proved that even that blessed state could not impede a fantastic voice.

Electric burner swing here and there almost passed into the category of disco. Lollipoppin sounded like a summer hit.

But there were also soulful inserts exclusive to Kitten. A sense of hedonistic enjoyment of playing the common audience got to the boiling point and in my view it was the most dancing concert of Colours of Ostrava... a proper party can obviously take place in the afternoon!
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"Mark Moore's (S-Express) Column"

New track "Don't You Worry' by Kitten and The Hip is a glorious merging of dance music with big band jazz from the Swing Era. Jazzy female vocals and sax solos abound conjuring up wild imagery of Zoot suited dancers cavorting. Very catchy and great to see the man that is Ashley Slater back in action. - QX Magazine


Don't You Worry Sept 6th 2011 HedKandi



One year ago, Ashley Slater met Kitten Quinn. Ashley was an ex pop star and Kitten was a beautiful and intelligent singer songwriter. They wrote songs together, they hung out, and they mischiefed. But mostly, they wrote songs together.

In February, they were having a chat, and Kitten advised Ashley not to worry about something. ‘Don’t You Worry About That’ was born the next day. A demo was sent to Carl Hanaghan, head of A & R at HedKandi records in London.

Less than half an hour later, the phone rang at Kitten HQ, the deal was made, the record was signed and the ball of yarn started rolling.

The single is out in September and is already creating a significant noise on the Electro Swing scene. There have already been license and synch requests, and it’s not even out yet.

Live, they are a quintet, with Kitten singing and Ashley and three brass monkeys playing horns. Kitten is a natural onstage, at once mesmerising and seductive.

It’s a party with class, so don’t forget your ass!