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"Recession Too Party"

Kittentank’s new 7-piece outfit took the stage after Sets, all positive vibes and smiling friends. Frank the frontman made for the most entertainment of the crew, shuffle-dancing around the stage when he wasn’t playing guitar. As a friend put it, however, 7 people onstage made for a certain expectation of noise level, which wasn’t really attained. The vibes were right, their effortlessly casual guitar-pop going over well. And I can understand why the current setup works for them, everyone jamming about and having fun. -

"Kittentank EP"

Starting out as the solo project of Frank Eggleton of Riff Rats fame, Kittentank has since evolved in to a powerful and heavily populated unit with now fewer than 3 guitarists. Joined on vocals by the vibrant Kristen Paterson, Eggleton has certainly done his reputation no harm on the new release "Kittentank", as he benefits from the ample company. Indeed , the creative influence of each member is evident on the EP as the group migrates toward a more distinguished, rockier sound which can only translate into a bigger and more exciting live presence. Mixed and mastered by the multi-talented Danny Brady, Kittentank's latest offering is a real treat that recalls the likes of The Cramps and early Velvet Underground as well as certain facets of The Riff rats.
Pick up a copy this Friday and partake in an EP release party that is not to be missed! - BandWagon Gig Guide

"Showcase your talent on a Tuesday"

Local one man act Kittentank also played last Tuesday, definitely one to watch. His little Casio keyboard and guitar produced awesome Flying Nunn type pop, and a week later I still have his 'Shopping for Therapy' track stuck in my head a week later. The best sign for a good pop song. -

"Kitten Tank- The Post Modern Hoe Down, album review"

Looking at Kitten Tank's list of influences on his myspace page pretty much explains my liking of his music. Kitten Tank is a band solely consisting of local artist Frank Eggleton, who has previous fronted a few bands, including the Riff Rats.

Along with the catalogue of Flying Nun artists, Kitten Tank is also a fan of PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and MIA, which all come through on Kitten Tank's new album, The Post Modern Hoe Down.

Along with his Casiotone keyboard and guitar, he has made this latest 11 track album, full of ranting, distorted guitar, pop hooks and awesome lyrics. It's very lo-fi and almost harks back to some of the darker 80's bands. My absolute favourite track, which sounds even better live is Shopping for Therapy, with the fabulously honest lyrics of "yeah I would but I don't want to" I have used this line is many conversations since hearing it for the first time. Another good pop song on this album is You People, which is a very Flying Nun sounding pop track. There are some weird filler tracks, such as the 40 second long Shoot Ze Messenger which is nearly hypnotic and the eerily last track the instrumental ‘unknown.' At times the vocals are a bit droney, such as on Zombie Kids, and the guitar alternates from jangly to distorted, while the vocals are a bit muffled in parts.

Kitten Tank is also great to see live, so if you get the chance, check him out, otherwise this album is a pretty good indication of his style. -

"Nah Bro!"

Kittentank has grown legs, arms and now a body. Franko Eggelton (second from right) used to call Kittentank his own, but in recent times he has gathered his friends together to form a travelling band; depending on who’s in town, the size of the band can differ for any given show.

The Wellington band (I think it’s safe to call them a band now) has just finished recording a new self-titled EP and it will be available for the first time this weekend at their Wellington show. The first single from the EP titled ‘Nah’ has just been uploaded to the band’s myspace and we have it here for download. Proving Kittentank has changed a lot since the expansion, the song features Kristen Paterson on vocals, growling proudly in her crooked kiwi accent sounding much like a cross between Courtney Love and Xena: Warrior Princess. It’s harder, faster and more aggressive than anything we’ve ever heard from Kittentank, blending garage rock and ‘79 NZ punk into a contemporary street brawling sound.

You can also purchase the new EP by messaging the band on their myspace page.


"Kittentank – Post Modern Hoe-Down 7/10"

Lo-fi casio drum machine-driven mope pop with swirling distorted and lazy guitar produced with strange FX over the top makes for a compelling listen. Frank Eggleton is Kittentank, and has a unique voice bathed in a grit similar to fellow Wellingtonian Sam F Scott, and delivers this with a semi-sarcastic, matter-of-fact style. The track You People is an awesome cross between Thought Creature and Golden Axe, name checking glad eyes in staticky, smushed vocal whines. The crunching guitar riffs merged with polished drum machine and bass and brought up at the end of each segment by a tunnelling SFX brings to mind all those crazy house parties dancing to Golden Axe in bizarre costumes. Old Lady sounds like a classic alt-noise jam, breathing familiarity and arty expressionism with each overly echoed line. Relatable and imaginative lyrics bubble underneath all the distortion; it’s good a couple of the song’s lyrics are included in the liner notes, for you may not notice their poetic quality. “If I only had a thousand days/ I’d sail the crashing waves/ while a flock of mimes pretend to be productive with their fleeting time/ If I only had a thousand days/ would I still be who I am/ A desperado drunk on hope that dreams of some escape”. Post Modern Hoe-Down is a wonderful, imaginative and fun escapist masterpiece filled with instant epic classics.
Sarah -


Kittentank "Post Moder Ho-Down" album, Kittentnk "Kittentank" EP. Top 10 and rotated airplay on NZ student radio & Kiwi FM, streaming & downloading on NZ music websites and blogs.



Living in Dunedin in the mid 2000's amid the profusion of noise, pop and electro acts filling the cities galleries, venues and flats, Frank Eggleton formed the one-man act Kittentank. A quirky mix of the prevalent surrounding influences in equal measures, Eggleton coined his own particular lo-fi brand of casio backing beats, noisey guitar, distorted yet warm sounding keyboards and smart lyrics with a hint of sarcasm, alternately screamed and sung. 2007 saw Eggleton bring his veritable melting pot of Dunedin eclectic-ness to Wellington, to embark on a busy 2 years writing music and playing the art gallery, book launch and independent gig circuit. This culminated in the October 2008 recording of Kittentank's first album "Post Modern Hoe Down", a 9- track lo-fi album that charted Eggleton's musical development to date, was recorded and produced by Rory Storm. With "relatable and imaginative lyrics (that) bubble underneath all the distortion"-(, the album was released to great local reviews, selling out within a month. In 2009, Eggleton enlisted the help of several Wellingtonian's to work on new material. Starting the year with a 3-piece renegade show at Camp A Low Hum and an Orientation support slot, Kittentank grew a full 6-piece band by March. The Kittentank lineup now includes Kristen Paterson on vocals and guitar (Death Rattle, Bangkok Chick Boys), Johhny Mulvey on guitar (The Users, Dead Heroes Collective), Danny Brady on bass (Thought Creature), Alice Macklow on keys (Full Moon Fiasco) and Sophie Barclay on drums (Palace This). Kittentank have played extensively this year around Wellington's watering holes, with the likes of Wow(aus), Bonaparte(Ger), The Sharpie Crows, Mean Street, Thought Creature, The Naked and Famous, Flick, Tapeman, Brains, Postures, Forcefields, The Transistors, Sets, Dick Dynaminte & The Dopplegangers, Big Flip The Massive, Haunted Love, Diana Rozz, Stefanimal and Stephen Jackson. Last month, Kittentank recorded their first full band release, The Kittentank Kittentank EP with Warwick Donald at the Fredrick St Light And Sound Exploration Society in Wellington. Mastered by Kittentank bassist Danny Brady, the eponymous EP covers garage, pop and rock with dancy beats and a multi-layered sound. You can purchase the new EP by messaging Kittentank via myspace or email Kittentank has PLAYED WITH:: Wow(aus), Bonaparte(Ger), the Sharpie crows, Mean Street, Thought creature, the Naked and Famous, Flick, Onanon, Alpha State, Haunted love, Anji Sami, Stepehn Jackson, INFLUENCES: Pj Harvey, Sonic youth, Lederhosen Lucil, Yeah yeah yeah's, Le tigre, MIA, Flying nun samplers and Dunedin noise bands...