A 6-piece profusion of noise, pop, electro and garage.


Living in Dunedin in the mid 2000's amid the profusion of noise, pop and electro acts filling the cities galleries, venues and flats, Frank Eggleton formed the one-man act Kittentank. A quirky mix of the prevalent surrounding influences in equal measures, Eggleton coined his own particular lo-fi brand of casio backing beats, noisey guitar, distorted yet warm sounding keyboards and smart lyrics with a hint of sarcasm, alternately screamed and sung. 2007 saw Eggleton bring his veritable melting pot of Dunedin eclectic-ness to Wellington, to embark on a busy 2 years writing music and playing the art gallery, book launch and independent gig circuit. This culminated in the October 2008 recording of Kittentank's first album "Post Modern Hoe Down", a 9- track lo-fi album that charted Eggleton's musical development to date, was recorded and produced by Rory Storm. With "relatable and imaginative lyrics (that) bubble underneath all the distortion"-(, the album was released to great local reviews, selling out within a month. In 2009, Eggleton enlisted the help of several Wellingtonian's to work on new material. Starting the year with a 3-piece renegade show at Camp A Low Hum and an Orientation support slot, Kittentank grew a full 6-piece band by March. The Kittentank lineup now includes Kristen Paterson on vocals and guitar (Death Rattle, Bangkok Chick Boys), Johhny Mulvey on guitar (The Users, Dead Heroes Collective), Danny Brady on bass (Thought Creature), Alice Macklow on keys (Full Moon Fiasco) and Sophie Barclay on drums (Palace This). Kittentank have played extensively this year around Wellington's watering holes, with the likes of Wow(aus), Bonaparte(Ger), The Sharpie Crows, Mean Street, Thought Creature, The Naked and Famous, Flick, Tapeman, Brains, Postures, Forcefields, The Transistors, Sets, Dick Dynaminte & The Dopplegangers, Big Flip The Massive, Haunted Love, Diana Rozz, Stefanimal and Stephen Jackson. Last month, Kittentank recorded their first full band release, The Kittentank Kittentank EP with Warwick Donald at the Fredrick St Light And Sound Exploration Society in Wellington. Mastered by Kittentank bassist Danny Brady, the eponymous EP covers garage, pop and rock with dancy beats and a multi-layered sound. You can purchase the new EP by messaging Kittentank via myspace or email Kittentank has PLAYED WITH:: Wow(aus), Bonaparte(Ger), the Sharpie crows, Mean Street, Thought creature, the Naked and Famous, Flick, Onanon, Alpha State, Haunted love, Anji Sami, Stepehn Jackson, INFLUENCES: Pj Harvey, Sonic youth, Lederhosen Lucil, Yeah yeah yeah's, Le tigre, MIA, Flying nun samplers and Dunedin noise bands...


Kittentank "Post Moder Ho-Down" album, Kittentnk "Kittentank" EP. Top 10 and rotated airplay on NZ student radio & Kiwi FM, streaming & downloading on NZ music websites and blogs.

Set List

Nah, Cool Moon, Bavarian, Please Sir, Highway, 1000 Days, Take You There, We're So Old, I Don't Care. Set 30 mins to an hour.