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The best kept secret in music


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Ebony & Ivory - Keep It Gangsta(Compilation with artist, Kracker 4 Ur SOup)
1-Keep It Gangsta
2-Yall Ain't Heard of Us
3-Cash Flow
4-Rhythm of the Beat

Currently Streaming on IdolUnderground.Com and MySpace at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, May 25, 1976, Tanisha “Kitti GEMINI’ Summers has always had a determination for success.

Music and entertainment has always been a goal for her and working for someone never satisfied her. As a child, her mother always laughed about her wanting to be a waitress. The reason was only because you get your money up front. She exclaimed as a child. “I wanna be a waitress, so I can get my money today!”

Growing up in Detroit was always a struggle, being that her mom was a single parent. No father in the home meant more work for mom so Kitti often helped raise her younger sister.

Going through school was never a problem. Kitti was involved in entertainment in high school in the Martin Luther King Jr, High School marching band. They traveled across the country performing step shows and playing modern and old school music at various Black Universities and parades.
Hip hop is not the only genre Kitti feels comfortable performing. She used to also playing the Jazz Band and Orchestra. Playing the flute for 15 yrs helped her to gain a better understanding of music.

Once KittiGemini reached college, the atmosphere of upstate New York really fascinated her. The music was diverse and Kitti had a chance to experience all the genres that were popular including Latino and Reggae. As a freshman at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1994, she had a chance to surround herself with many types of people from all over the world. Even though she always loved music, she never attempted to do rap music. It was not until a close group of friends decided to join a talent show at the college, that she had an interest to participate and write her first verse of a rap song. The talent show performance, which was her first, was a success and everyone loved her and the group. Every since then, she has been writing, which now make that 12 years as a lyricist.