Kitty and the can openers

Kitty and the can openers


we're a 4 piece who are having loads of fun making catchy melodic songs about space and super heroes and other more sombre ones about things closer to the heart..we have variety and love playing gigs and are tight live act.


It started with Ronan and Ciara working on songs together, they realised it was sounding good but needed other instruments on board, thus introducing Paul on bass after a random meeting in a local pub..must have been fate. After gigging for a while as a 3 piece they realised something more was needed and this brought about the addition of local drummer (in many bands) 'Bongo' John. The songs have developed considerably and with a wealth of material that hasn't been heard yet, they're eager to get out there and show you what they've got. The songs are catchy and melodic with songs about many things such as spiders, space, super heroes and even student houses alongside other more 'serious' ones. Hope you enjoy!


Demo: (ac) Saturn for the Weekend, Predatory love, just a song, on the fringes.

Set List

approx 40-45 mins with around 8-10 songs