Kitty and The Can Openers

Kitty and The Can Openers

 Belfast, N Ireland, GBR

Graceful, understated indie folk/pop dipped in nostalgia and lyrical wishfulness.


Perhaps best described as a meeting of Nick Drake and Ani DiFranco, Elliot Smith courting Mazzy Star, or simply an aural aggregate of all the little details of everyday life that both inspire and horrify them, Kitty and the Can Openers are a winsome and idiosyncratic bunch who shoot straight from their child-like hearts. They are to be found in bars and coffee shops up and down the country, selling their wares and telling their stories.


Kitty and the Can Openers released their nearly eponymous debut EP, Kitty and the Can Openers' EP, in November 2008, receiving the attention of, amongst others, Francis Jones of AU Magazine and Brian Campbell of The Irish News, the latter having praised their "captivating storytelling tunes", describing them as "without a doubt one of Belfast's best new bands".