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Putting an emphasis on melody and upbeat arrangements, the Kowalskis crank out catchy and pop-driven punk rock, though not walking down the standard roads of pop punk. Bristling with energy more disposed toward smiles than the standard stone-faced visage typical of punk rock, All Hopped Up On Goofballs offers listeners the electric shock of the best punk rock mixed with an attitude closer to that of ‘60s pop.

- Matt Schild

"Ear Candy"

With the sad absence of the Ramones in the current music scene, the question arises: who will be the next 'Ramones'? Enter the Kowalskis. In this day and age when 'spirit' is sorely missing from rock 'n roll, the Kowalskis are a welcome relief. The rhythm section is exceptionally tight and powerful - the Kowalskis rock for the moment and make you feel like nothing else matters at this precise moment except the SONG! Kitty's vocals are sexy without the faux sexuality of the likes of Gwen Stefani (Speaking of Gwen...I'd like to see Kitty and Gwen in a celebrity death match-but I digress).
ALL HOPPED UP ON GOOFBALLS does everything a GREAT power-pop record should: it gives you that natural, life-is-great-today-adrenaline-like rush that makes you want to pogo with joy! Rock 'n Roll the way GAWD intended - to make you move, not make you think! 14 perfect power-pop/punk gems - definitely UN-politically correct lyrics!
Accept no imitations, the Kowalskis ARE rock 'n roll.

"Glorious Noise"

So you like rock and roll and you want to “work it out,” as the kids say, but you don’t have five to seven minutes to monkey around? I’ve got just the thing. The Kowalskis’ All Hopped Up On Goofballs is the cure for the common crap. Based out of NYC, this foursome delivers perfectly packaged three-minute power pop tunes that give the likes of Scott Stapp a case of the runs. No pretense, no bullshit, just straight power pop the way Robin Zander used to make it.

But let’s not lump these kids in with the rest of that lot who nick riffs from Cheap Trick and wear skinny ties. No, the Kowalskis mix in a pinch of the Plasmatics, a dab of the Donnas, a touch of Tav Falco and a smidgeon of the Sonics to mix up a brew of garage pop that hits the spot. There’s something about New York rock bands that make ‘em trick their friends into posing in their undies for the album cover shots. The Kowalskis are no different and God bless ‘em for it. The cover of “Hopped up…” is a twisted mélange of sexy gals donning their Saturday night/Sunday morning best, and it makes me crazy just looking at it. Get my lawyer on the phone and tell him to stand by, I’m going to New York! I’m hoping my trip ends up with a "Sunny Sunday Hangover," the kind best described in the first track of the same name on the Kowalskis’ debut.

It’s a quick number clocking in under three minutes but has the tight guitar hooks, smash-‘em-up drums and screaming fun vocals that makes the Kowalskis "100% Fun" — the name of another great track on this little package of good times.
- Derek Phillips


Chinese Democracy - Amp Records (AMP 533)
All Hopped up on Goofballs - Engine/Blackout (VROOM-15).
Depression Overdrive b/w I Love You Baby But I Hate Your Friends. Thunderbaby Records -
V/A Life’s A Gas: A Tribute to Joey Ramone - Amp records (AMP1234)
V/A RAFR Volume 3 - RAFR/Flipside (RAFR001)
V/A How many Bands does it take to screw up a Blondie Tribute - Sympathy for the Record Industry (SFTRI599)
V/A "My So-Called Punk Rock Life" - Melted Records (MLT-013)
V/A "Backlash: Tribute to The Clash" - Dwell/CMH
V/A "New York’s Finest II:NY’s Greatest" - Kado Records
First Date" b/w "Goodbye Daddy - Blackout Records (BLK-19)
Goobye Daddy got airplay - mostly college. Birthday Song is getting college airplay now from the RAFR comp.
New tracks at



Out of New York City, Kitty & The Kowalskis (formerly The Kowalskis) have toured the US, Europe and Canada, organized, booked and promoted themselves, and funded with their own sweaty dollars, CD and merch sales. The Kowalskis' first show was with Iggy Pop, followed by The Ramones, The Toy Dolls, The Muffs, The Dickies, The Dictators, The Briefs, The Undertones, Limp, Less Than Jake, The Paybacks, The Get Up Kids, The Rezillos and plenty of nobodies.

Kitty and The Kowalskis currently have a new album, Chinese Democracy on Amp Records, more frenzied than a convertible stuffed with underage girls driving to the beach in the summertime. Fans say Kitty & The Kowalskis are fun. They remember the songs & sing them at home. The Kowalskis have unnecessarily kind reviews from CMJ, SonicNet, MRR, Punk Planet, Shredding Paper, Paper Magazine, radio airplay stations for the deaf & live internet shows for geeks, all agrnered with their own stamps, jiffy bags, e-mails and phone calls.

Kitty has made guest appearances on other recordings, was in the Troma Toxic Avenger film, "Terror Firmer" and has a regular column, NY ROX on