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-Animal Rights

"This is A Demo"
-Heart Attack
-Seal of Disapproval
-Animal RIghts



This band started in the summer of 2010, when Chaos Bebault found out that two of his cabin mates at summer camp were instrumental prodigies. For the next few years, Kittyjangles mingled in and out of songwriting and practice, waiting for their songs to be perfect before performance. For most of that time, the band was fluid, only joining up when the time worked out best for everyone. Around summer 2012, their first EP was just being completed, a basement job that was unexpectedly deleted when the computer crashed. Focus was suddenly shifted away from EP work and towards stage performance, getting to work at booking shows around the twin cities. After playing a small show in Hopkins, Kittyjangles' lead singer and booking man, Chaos, found out about a battle of the bands that could potentially win the band some recording time. Kittyjangles pumped and practiced and won the battle, finally getting the tools to recreate their lost EP in an actual studio. "This is A Demo" is meant to be just that- A Demo for the upcoming unnamed and unrecorded album. The songs on this EP are planned to be re-recorded along with four songs and a few hidden tracks. The name of the game concerning Kittyjangles and its music is variety, something the band hopes to display in this album, and something they hope they've displayed in the past. Kittyjangles doesn't want to be rooted in "Metal" or "Punk". It's time for a new era, a new genre. It's time for Kittyjangles to cream the scene.