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"Band Slam Winner August 2006 - Best Female Voc"

"It didn't take Kitty Kitty Bang Bang very long to get rolling - right out of the gates, this new group has been playing big NYC venues like CBGB and The Continental Club. Of course, when you've got a "we're not worthy!" - inducing lead like Magdalena, it's kind of hard to avoid notice. She cites singers like Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox, and Bjork as her inspiration. "When you look at what Bjork is doing from a technical standpoint, there are a lot of things she’s doing wrong," she says. But the charisma and conviction of Bjork's performance taught Magdalena to value "expression over technique - I try to bring that anger and intensity across to the audience." - Hartford Advocate

"Bus Trip to CBGB - July 25, 2006"

The Drunk Bus
August 4, 2006

It must be a Connecticut thing. In a state where you´re constantly 45 minutes away from everything, it was only a matter of time before bands started organizing big, boozy bus trips to and from their shows.

For a long time it was just the popular cover bands who would do it, but within the past few months, several original bands have also begun hosting overland booze cruises to far-flung venues.

Last week, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang , whose singer Magdalena you recently voted Best Female Vocalist, hosted a bus trip to the legendary CBGB. A trip to the city may sound a bit far-fetched, but CBGB has a rich history of supporting local and underground acts, and no small number of Connecticut bands have left their mark on the legendary rock venue.

Everything you´ve heard about CB´s is probably true. Inside, it´s a cross between romantically grungy and actually gross. The stage is not big enough, and the house PA sounds like shit. CB´s forces you to make due. And yet afterwards, your pictures turn out to be strangely photogenic; the myth of the place starts to re-inflate to its original proportions.

Not that KKBB was responsible for any of them. They took the stage with an air of style and fashion. They may not have elaborate, coordinated costumes -- KKBB wisely stops short of the indulgent fashionista-ism of the Killers or the Bravery -- but they are most certainly glam rock. They pounded through their set with confidence rather than swagger; Magdalena exudes sexual inspiration rather than sexual tension. Bassist Rob Sanzone´s sound carried through like a forklift, quite possibly because his custom bass looks like it took a small rainforest to build. ¨I went on a tone quest, and I think I finally found it,¨ he grins. Dude, yeah you did. These newcomers aren´t just ones to watch -- they´re absolutely required listening.

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first lp's coming soon.



we are a rock band.