Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter

 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

You know that feeling when it’s game day, and you drench yourself in school spirit? You know that feeling when the star athlete on your team scores the winning point? You know that feeling when the crowd roars with excitement? That is what you can expect to feel when listening to Kitty Litter.


In 2008, Tiffany, Amanda, Katy and Megan were just four college roommates who started a fictitious band as a joke to see how far they could get by promoting it online. The result? “Kitty Litter.”

The band has since received the title of the “band to watch for in 2010” by College Music Magazine, and is gearing up for the release of their first full-length studio album this fall.

The four-member power girl group, Kitty Litter, has taken over college campuses, and is now about to take over your stereo. Their first single, “Why are you Still Playing? I Deleted You,” was released mid-April on college radio stations, and has received nothing but praise. Following their single’s success, the girls are proud to announce the release date of their first full-length studio album, “From Kittens to Cats” in July of 2011, and an accompanying tour, beginning shortly after.

Combining new and old sounds of pop, rock, and more, their new album is a “perfect dancing album for fans of all ages,” explains lead singer Tiffany. After receiving attention from a variety of music media, Kitty Litter has continued to expand their musical horizons. The album includes a variety of up-tempo songs, fusing the stylings of some legendary girl-groups such as The Supremes and the Spice Girls. “From Kittens to Cats” showcases everything they have worked to achieve over the past few years as a band, and they “could not be more excited for fans to finally hear all the finished songs” explains guitarist Katy.

After spending the majority of 2010 promoting their EP while opening for bands such as The Cab, The Summer Set, and A Rocket to the Moon, Kitty Litter is excited to get back on the road promoting their next biggest accomplishment. The girls couldn’t think of a better way to get the word out about their upcoming release, than to go on a headlining, album-promoting tour on the east coast. The tour begins in North Carolina, the home of the band’s bassist, Amanda, and then continues up the coast hitting all major cities. Kitty Litter is hoping this tour not only brings out their normal young-adult audience, but also begins to branch out to even older and younger fans.


From Kittens To Cats - Summer 2011

Set List

Tattle Tails
The Litter Needs to be Changed
Boys Suck
Don't Go Scoopin' My Heart (Acoustic)
My Love For You is Heart Shaped (Acoustic)
Trail of Paws (Acoustic)
Coin Slot
Scoop Da Poop
Return to Sender
Double Duty
Why Are You Still Playing? I Deleted You

- Encore -
Zai Jain Eyeballs