Kitty Rivers

Kitty Rivers


My name is Kitty Rivers and I'm a songwriter trying to find avenues to getmy songs heard and into the hands of up and coming or established artists. My hope is to find the right doors to open and help others along the way.


I guess my profile won't be like the others I'm not looking to be a performing artist but I'm ok with that. I never graduated high school I ran away from home when I was 15 with my boyfriend - now husband of 18 years. Started songwriting when I was 19 and loved it now I'm at a point in my life that I want to accomplish my goal of hearing my songs on the radio. With the help of songwriter forums and collaboraters I am working towards that goal.
Thanks for listening,
Kitty Rivers


The Spindle Pricks

Written By: Kitty Rivers

Song: The Spindle Pricks (Male or Female Artist Version)
Songwriter: Kitty Rivers

He couldn’t help but kiss her - her lips were a Red Red Rose
And when she opened up her eyes their Story was to unfold
She looked just like a Princess yeah that was plain to see
And he felt like a Knight when he swept her off her feet
And Happy Ever After came into their thoughts
But they never would of guessed how much this Fairy Tale would cost

And the Spindle pricks and a broken heart just don’t forget
And the illusion of Prince Charming just fades into the mist
The Glass Slipper breaks and the remaining shards are swept away
When Happy Ever After don’t come true
For Beauty and The Fool

All the Kings Horses and All Of The Kings Men
Couldn’t put their hearts back together again
And as he stands there and asks The Man In The Mirror just why
He cut down The Rose and then watched it die
And the sparkle and the magic that once was in her eyes
Can never be brought back by a man who would lie

Repeat Chorus

And the Wheel spins round and you’d swear that the only sound
In this Fallen Kingdom that’s been left is the silent sound of regret

Repeat Chorus

When Happy Ever After don’t come true
For Beauty and The Fool

Copyright 2006

Safest Place To Be

Written By: Kitty Rivers, Louis Yoelin

Safest Place To Be

I can see your tears I hear the words unspoke from your lips
Begging me don’t go stay and fix this
Now Baby I ‘d give anything to make this love right
I’ll be danged if I sit here and watch it die
And even though you think my goodbye is wrong
I hope you understand - I need you to be strong

And before I finish breaking your heart
I’ll draw a line I won’t go that far
Even though it’ll hurt when I leave
You know in my memory is the safest place to be

I hope you find a love who will never let you down
To never change that smile into a frown
Everyday that goes on by without me
You’ll soon realize me leaving set you free
So don’t let emotions and past dreams cause you to fear
You’ll make it through once you see past all your tears

Repeat Chorus

And before I go breaking your heart
I’ll tear mine apart Yeah I’d go that far
Even though it’ll kill me to leave
I know in your memory is the safest place to be

Your tears have a desperate way of speaking to my heart
But you have to know - I think it’s best that you make a brand new start
Cause I know that …

Repeat Chorus (leave out word “And” in first line of chorus)

I can see your tears I hear the words unspoke from your lips
Begging me don’t go stay and fix this

Copyright 2007



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