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"Pick of The Week, Midpoint Festival"

...Often sounding like the echo of a 50-year-old signal from the Grand Ole Opry's glory days, Rose's music resonates with the sweet, innocent purity of vintage Country music, with a rascally energy percolating beneath it all. We'll wager she is the only MPMF artist this year with a "greatest hits" album (albeit one given the title "togue-in-cheekily) in here discography. Rose's approach is fun and playful ("Yee-haws" abound) but she isn't doing the "aint-Country-Funny" schtick some other retro-C&W-fitters live on.

Style: Driving toward bakersfield with Neko Case, a young kd lang and a peak Patsy Cline. - CityBeat, Cinncinati, Ohio

"Five Stars from"

Kitty Rose - Live at The Ryman (CD, Wild Affair, Country/pop)
Kitty Rose's music recalls a brand of easy listening simple country pop that has sadly become less and less prominent in the past few decades because of the increasing presence of overproduced schmaltzy country artists with too much money pumped into their hide the fact that they have very little talent. This CD features Kitty's debut Nashville concert at the Ryman Auditorium on April 1, 1972. All the energy and excitement of the performance comes shining through in these newly remastered tracks. More than any other performer, Rose's music recalls Patsy Cline. Her genuine sincerity and love of music are obvious and apparent. She's a soulful, focused singer as well as a helluva songwriter. These eleven tracks flow by nice and easy. This is country music played the way it ought to be played. Gutsy tracks include "(I Ain't No) Pretty Little Thing," "What Will It Take?", "Trouble," and "Unlucky." Great stuff. (Rating: 5+)


"Pick of the Litter"

“From her opening “Yeah Haw!” exclaimed for all it’s worth, Kitty Rose lets you know that she can hold her own with the best. The California Cowgirl (aka Katharine Chase) writes most of her songs, sings fabulously, and plays a mean acoustic guitar. Some tracks, recorded live with full band, convey all the exuberance of artist and audience in full rapport. I don’t know what’s more impressive, Kitty’s ability to transition from an upbeat celebrant to a touching, softer-voiced balladeer, or the unstoppable conviction that has motivated a 20-year career. Count me an instant fan of this superb artist.”

- Jason Victor Serinus
Bay Area Reporter, July 2005 - Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

"Eric Jansen"

"This is a great album ('Live at the Rymn'). Kitty and her band reallky know how to lay down a genuine country groove. She has an expressive, soulful voice, easy on the ears, whether playfully accentuating the CW twang or artfully rendering a heart-felt ballad. And she's a great songwriter, too! [this] humourous a believable, authentic-feeling recreation of old-time CW music, even while tongue-in-cheek with its lyrics and overall sound. Reminds me of Commander Cody...anyone who liked them will get a kick out of Kitty Rose. - Out in the Bay

"Top 12 Indy Picks"

It's not everyday that a record as fun as Kitty Rose's Live at the Ryman crosses our desks. ...Rose has a voice born for classic country, and her cowgirl ballads and easy style bring back an era that we thought died with Annie Oakley. - Performing Songwriter

"Editor's Pick"

A country classic in so many senses of the word! - Curve Magazine

"Indy Pick Nashville"

Kitty Rose Live at The Ryman is classic, classic. Her voice...oh, what a voice! - Music Row Magazine

"Hicks with Sticks"

Press for Kitty Rose:

“From the wilds of Hopland (north of Santa Rosa/Cloverdale) comes Kitty Rose with her tongue deep in her cheek as she presents a collection of her "greatest hits." Of course there's always the possibility that "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad," "Walkin' After Midnight" and "Move It on Over" were indeed her hits in previous lives. These do-ya-no-harm covers though are incidental to the majority of the CD's tracks which are her own. Great songs like "Travelin'" and "Hurricane" would have been hits except that bean counters had already co-opted the music industry by the mid-'90s when these tunes were staples of her alt-rock bands Spanking Violets and The Katherine Chase Band. Those "hits," as well as her newer hits-in-waiting, have made it to the CD and all with twangin' arrangements -- proving once again that whether you rock it or twang it, a good song is still a good song.”
- Jose Seque, Hicks with

“[Kitty Rose Greatest Hits] is the real thing and it’s so nice to hear something authentic again. It’s Americana..some excellent original songs and covers..great!

- Bill Wence, BW Promotions

“After she opened for Aaron Tippin at Konocti, we just had to have Kitty headline our Pumpkin Festival stage this year. With only an acoustic guitar and that amazing voice, Kitty Rose gained quite a few new fans for classic country - and we’re a “new” country station!” - Mike Wilson, Q106 FM

“Kitty Rose played the Kelseyville Pear Festival street dance ‘Kickin’ out the Country’ and they sure DID! Finally, a great classic country band with an amazing singer, great players, and tunes we ALL can dance to! My note to the Kelseyville Business Association...Bring ‘em back! - Ukiah Daily Journal

“I think I’d be safe in saying the ghost of ol’Patsy visited Demarco’s 23 Club last night when Kitty Rose & her band took the stage. From boogie western classics to tear-soaked ballads, this gals got all the stylings of the best of the west.”
- Brisbane Star

“...then Songbird Kitty Rose graced the stage like so many other greats before her. Humingbird guitar over her shoulder and in total command of that 2-steppin’ crowd, she swept through her country tunes with such ease, even Kitty Wells took pause...” - Pasadena Tribune

- Wild Affair


Greatest Hits, 2005; Kitty Rose at The Ryman, 2007 [All these tracks are available on iTunes, Rhapsody and various digital distribution websites through]



Outmusic Award winner Kitty Rose "is a defiant breath of fresh air who dares anyone to try and put her in a closet and opens doors everywhere she goes solely on the merit of her talent" [Nashville]. She was featured in GO! Magazine (NYC) as an artist to watch out for, was editors pick in Curve Magazine, and Nashville's Music Row Magazine exclaims "Oh, what a singer!". Kitty's Music has sent her and her all-cowgirl band packing - packing across the country that is to places like Nashville, Cincinnatti, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronta, Florida, and with her win of the Outmusic's Best Debut Female Artist of 2005, guest appearances at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and even a spot at Tootsies Orchid Lounge where Patsy and Hank used to hang between Grand Old Opry shows. Between running her ranch in the small rural community of Hopland, California, and other ranch chores, she continues to write, sing, and perform some of the hottest classic country music you'll ever hear.