Kitty Solaris

Kitty Solaris


2 people, guitar + voice + drums minimalistic, dreamy, melodic, melancholic, relaxing, and also rocky..... some say it´s a mixture between pj harvey and sonic youth.


It started a few years ago! I loved to play guitar in my kitchen in berlin, prenzlauer berg. I had a lot of ideas for songs. it was my passion to sit there all night, singing and playing the guitar.
By Chance I met a phantastic drummer, Steffen, who accompanies me on the drums.
Together we played hundreds of concerts in berlin, germany, switzy, italy, france and turkey.
We played in tiny bars as well as on big stages infront of 2000 people. We played support for bands like sons and daughters (domino), the projects (track&field) and washington (glitterhouse).

Last year we played on a big festival at the beach in turkey, it was a great experience. We appear on different Compilations
like "Berlin Song" and "Aufnahmezustand"/Zyx records with artists like Nena and Tocotronic.
Some music appears in a film on german tv.
This year I released the new record "future air hostess" on my own label "solaris empire", it´s distributed by Broken Silence.
We got very good press and radio rotation.
I´m also organising concerts at Schokoladen-Mitte,
a wunderfull venue in Berlin-Mitte.

and here are more infos and songs to listen:

and here is our official info:
KITTY SOLARIS shoots she snapshots of her songs in between bars,
kitchen-and hotelrooms.
She´s an autodidakt and writes her favourite songs at night in the kitchen.
The music is moving between slowmotion, minimal pop, singer/songwriter,
electronic music and punk.
She´s inspired by musicians like PJ Harvey, Catpower, Nico and
also by Hits of the 80ies.
On stage she´s playing electric guitar, she is singing and
she´s accompanied by Steffen on drums.
Music for the time in between late midnight and early morning,
when you could believe the world stops turning.
The moment is here and suddenly you have all the time in the world.......


Future Air Hostess

Written By: Kitty Solaris

Future Air Hostess

I´d like to have apiece
of all the drive you´ve got
and sometimes I get burned
by the fire of your heart
the fire of your heart

I´d like to follow steps
you´ve made before I start
I wish you´r big big heart
will never fall apart

for me again
I´d like to swim
for me again
I´d like to swim

I´d like to take aseat
near the future air hostess
the thought that you exist makes it wort to live

for me again
I´d like to swim
for me again
i´d like to swim

it´s cold
it´s cold


different people recording/cd 2003 (phonector)
smells like summer/ep 2004
2 refrains/ep 2005
future air hostess/cd 2007 (solaris empire/broken silence)

MotorFM Podcast #46:

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"Changing Cards" on MotorFM
"You have to shave Mister" on Uniradio Bonn
"Lost in Translation" on NDR4 Hamburg
"Change Something" on Uniradio Duisburg"
"Change Something" on OS Radio Osnabrück

Set List

1. kisses lift me up
2. jesus died for your sins
3. songs in the radio
4. my home is my disco
5. fighter for diversity
6. the day you are leaving
7. I can post
8. no more excuses
9. shiny seagull
10. under the yellow sun
11. shave mister
12. turn the light on
13. winterday
14. future air hostess
15. cooler
16. spring will shurely come